Never on Sunday: The Mysteries of the Mistral

It’s been such a strange day so far. Already, a lot of things have happened that never happen:

1. I played video poker on my cell phone before getting out of bed this morning. I have never done this before, and in fact was the first time I had ever played a game on any cell phone. I’m not sure what prompted me to do that.

2. I threw a coat on over my (quite fetching) pajamas and headed out to the market; because no one is stirring on Sundays, why get all cutified? But no – on the way I ran into the possibly ex-bartender of Mi Barrio (he’s always there, but hasn’t been behind the bar for a while as far as I can tell); also saw two friends, who were on their way to Bar S. Roch. So much for sneaking out of the house on a Sunday.

3. I usually love going to Shopi on Sundays; it’s always me, two half-asleep checkout girls, a dog-on-a-string person buying breakfast beer, and various restaurant owners picking up some little thing they ran out of. BUT NOT TODAY. Today there were lines to the back of the store, and lots of people still milling about, half-asleep and hungry.

3A. Not only that – EVERYONE WAS SUPER COOL. Seriously, it was like someone had stocked the store with movie extras (not an uncommon comment from me regarding Montpel). Every man was Dr. McSteamy, complete with bed head; all the women were winsome twins of Esther Cañadas doing impossibly glamorous walks of shame. Other notable customers were Rex Reed with wicker shopping sack filled with the most improbably delicious foods – Greek yogurt, fruit, sliced ham, cherry tomatoes, the makings for a three-bean salad; Georgia O’Keefe buying champagne; and Harmony Korine buying stuff for an American-style breakfast. If they had dimmed the lights and put on some music, I have no doubt the most amazing party would have broken out. The whole vibe was dead sexy and too cool for school.

4. On Sundays, you can tell which stores are open by noticing where the beggars sitting outside. Normally they’re aggressive and purposely try for the Okie look, but today they just kind of smiled and waved at everyone who passed.

5. I went to the Sunday boulangerie and got a baguette – and was THE ONLY PERSON IN THERE. That never happens on a Sunday; usually I’m waiting on the sidewalk. Also, the old man at the counter didn’t correct my French, which also never happens.

6. Although they obviously were not traveling together or even knew each other, the five old people at the bus stop I passed each had a baguette and a single red rose. I thought an improbable musical number (1:13-1:26) was going to break out at any moment.

I think it’s the Mistral. The Mistral always makes people a little wacky; but this is the first warm one we’ve had this year, and I think it woke everyone up – literally from their beds, and from their winter slumber as well. The air is crystal clear, the skies are an impossible blue, and even though the wind is brutal, its warmth takes you by surprise and makes you lift your head into the wind, like a dog out a car window, instead of burrowing deeper into your layers.

What a strange day!


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