Too Good Not To Post

 From Gridskipper, the travel site I love to hate (and most recently, hate to love):

Two Italian oldsters were stopped by airport police in Munich holding a suitcase stuffed with an eleven year-old dead body. The women carrying the corpse, who are both in their sixties, were en route from Sao Paolo to Naples. One of the old ladies said the body belonged to her brother who’d always wanted to be buried in Italy. After x-rays spotted the skeleton in their luggage, the women produced a death certificate and according to inspectors: “As they were not violating any German laws they were allowed to continue their journey.”

Yes, they did. Go back and read it again, because you know you still can’t believe it. Please, please someone write a movie in which this is the last scene.

EDIT!  For my more literal readers: The body had been dead for 11 years; it was not the body of an 11-year-old.

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