The Food

Every day, Miss Expatria’s waistline takes a hit in her mission to ensure that as God as your witness, you’ll never go hungry again. Below are some of my foodiest recommendations for my favorite cities.

Hangovers Around the World

“Holy…where am I?”

Epic Day Trip: The Aegadian Island of Levanzo, Sicily

We thought they were meatballs, until Mr. Pants bit into one and GASPED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL who really had gotten a pony for Christmas. They were made of fish, and were so good that after we finished the plate of anitpasti we asked for another plate of fishballs. Oh, yes we did.

Perfect Lunchtime Trip from Rome: Frascati, Italy

I don’t normally recommend day trips or really, much running around at all, for people who are on vacation. This is probably why I would make a terrible tour guide. But, if even a lazy bones like me can haul my ass up the hill to Frascati for a delightful afternoon, you should too.

Where to Eat in Italy – Miss Expatria Reveals (Almost) All

You should try spaghetti carbonara once while you are in Rome, preferably at Taverna Romana. Do not have it anywhere else in the world, or even in Italy, because they make it wrong.

Where to Eat in Rome

If you are jetlagged and can’t sleep and are starving, La Base on via Cavour is open til like 4am. Not that I have ever been up that late of course, but I’ve heard.

Where to Eat in Venice

I ate at Alla Vedova with my friend Ben, and the place was packed – but the only non-Venetian voices I heard were ours and two tiny Japanese girls who were literally trembling with foodie excitement.

Craving Bagels: A Love Story

Viola, the only girl I know in Italy and my former roommate, has a carrot cake obsession that has taken her to New York twice, and keeps her ever vigilant for this tasty treat. She breathlessly called me one day to report that not only had she found carrot cake – she had found bagels. In Rome.

Where to Eat in Paris, Part 1 of 2: French Food

This delightful story is brought to you in order to impart a little known fact – Au Sauvignon is open on Sundays, which the owner insisted on telling me for fear he would be stuck with MK’s scarf forever.

Where to Eat in Paris, Part 2 of 2: Not-So-French Food

Sometimes, even the foodiest of foodies needs a break. So, without further ado, let us see what else the City of Lights has to offer the wayward tourist who’s tired of popping Tums all day long.

Where to stay and eat in Siena, Italy

Best restaurant, best reasonably-priced hotel. Basta.

Florence, Italy: A Kindred Soul Tells All

We came around a corner and there was a big crowd of Italians ordering sandwiches from the tiny doorway of a building. We learned early on if there was a line of Italians waiting for something, it was worth it, and your best bet is to get in line and find out what everyone is waiting for.

Where to Eat in Florence: Another Reader Weighs In

If anyone else has excellent Florence advice – WITHOUT THE YELLING AT ME FOR HATING FLORENCE PLEASE – feel free to send them in. I’ll post them, lest we further disrespect this lovely town on the Arno.

Palace of Cold: Gelato in Rome

Who wouldn’t want to eat ice cream at a place called the Palace of Cold?

Non-Italian Food in Florence

Specifically, Asian fusion. I read their story, which features a picture of a Voltaco’s hoagie on the fricking Queen Mary, and fell off my chair. Emails were exchanged. A friendship was born!


5 thoughts on “The Food

  1. love your site! i am living in germany for 3 months after spending 6 weeks this summer here, and in Paris, Provence and italy, travlling…i am a native nyc boy…and i found a new home in europe..going to rome tomorrow for the first time..will follow your suggestions, per your entry on nyt web page…it’s where i found you.
    venice was absolutely awesome, need to go back…south france is heaven….need to go back!
    in freiburg germany now..france is a stones throw away..that’s good, and this region is quite beautiful…although the food and some
    one more thing..i started a blog to write about my travels…never really wrote before, so it’s not easy…a lot of photos, that i know how to do..i wish you success…you are doing what i could only hope to do…travel and write about it. you do an excellent job!

  2. I’m craving for all the food you just ate!!! Thanks for the blog, this really gave me an idea on what to eat in those countries that I would like to go to someday. You are living the food dream and keep it up.

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