Internet Travel Crushes Of 2009

I’m not one to end the year with regrets, but yesterday’s post about the amazing travelers I met in 2009 got me thinking about those whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. So instead of making this a shoulda-woulda-coulda post, let’s just call it my 2010 bucket list of Internet Crushes I simply must spend time with at some point!

Let’s start with Paul Brady. He works for Oyster, coincidentally my Company Crush of 2009. This means his job is to stay in hotels, take pictures of them and review them. I know. He’s also amusing and loves crab cakes. As I recently proclaimed to him on his Tumblr, I want to have 10,000 of his travel babies. One day, when Oyster decides to start reviewing hotels in Europe, and they hire me because honestly how could they not, Paul and I will meet and we will become instant BFFs. But until then, I plan on kidnapping him the next time I’m in the States and taking him to my favorite dive bar in Manhattan. In case I need a partner in crime, I’m sure the sardonic, witty and totally crush-worthy  Mike Barish will be up to the task.

Next up is Marilyn Terrell, chief researcher for National Geographic Traveler magazine. Again: I know. Dream job. If I had to choose only one person to follow on Twitter – no small task – it would be her. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t learn something from this woman.

There are many reasons why I very much want to meet Guido vanden Elshout, otherwise known as the Happy Hotelier. First, because I feel like I’ve known him forever – and with how fast the Internet moves, I probably have. Second, because he owns a hotel that looks to be a delightful little gem of a place. Third, because said hotel is located in The Hague, which is one of the places I’m obsessed with visiting. And finally, because he’s the most adorable person on the Internets.

Another person whom I feel like I already know – and whom I juuuust missed visiting this year – is Judy of Divina Cucina. Straight outta Tuscany, she is the reigning queen of Italian cooking and her brand-new cookbook is already a hot seller. I literally have had dreams of her guiding me through the markets of Florence.

Also almost-met this year was the whip-smart Sara Rosso. She is a 21st-century Renaissance woman with insane skills – and she lives in Italy and loves food. And she hosts Girl Geek Dinners in Milan. I mean, come on. How could I not have an Internet Crush on her?

I actually spoke to Laura of CiaoAmalfi this… summer, was it? Look at that, 2009 is already a blur. I’ll tell you the subject of our conversation in a future post (Hi, Peter!), but I have got to get down south this year and have her show me first-hand all of the amazing places she’s taken pictures of for her blog.

And I worked with the brilliant Angela Nickerson in 2009, photographing Rome landmarks for her eguide to Angels & Demons. Crush-worthy? Oh, yes – just take a look at her gorgeous book about Michelangelo’s Rome!

I’m constantly in awe of Lara Dunston. When I grow up, I want to be her. To find out why, just read her blog.

Last but certainly not least on this list is Pam Mandel of Nerd’s Eye View. Talk about someone I feel like I know! I even received a postcard from her this year. She tops my list of People Whose Brains I Want To Pick Over A Long Lunch. She’s got mad travel skills, she is an avid supporter of travel writing, and she’s freaking hilarious. What else could you want in an Internet Crush?


14 thoughts on “Internet Travel Crushes Of 2009

  1. Ciao! I so enjoyed our chat this summer. I do hope you can make it down to southern Italy in the coming year. Don’t make me get on a train to come visit you there in Rome. Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound too bad at all! Hope we can meet up in 2010!

  2. Nice list. I concur with all of them. I JUST had the pleasure of meeting Mike Barish. He was kind enough to link to one of my recent posts in a Gadling piece and so far, I lurve his sense of humor 🙂

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