How to Say it in Italian: Search Queries Answered

Hello, my little chickadees! In my seemingly never ending quest to educate my readers, here is yet another installment of “How to Say it in Italian.” Once again, we dip into the always-amusing pool of search queries that bring random people to visit your old Miss Expatria.

And for those of you who are keeping track, yes, I am STILL getting hits on Claudia Bassols.  In fact, more people have come to my site searching for Claudia Bassols than any other keyword or search term. The poor woman clearly needs more press. (Oh, crap; now I’ve done it again. Hi, yeah, if you’re looking for my thing on Claudia go here, but it’s probably not what you’re looking for.)

Search term: cinque terre pronunciation
I’m going to go with tcheen-queh tair-reh.

(In the past, I’ve overemphasized the “eh” sound for schwa-happy Americans; but in light of the popularity of LOLcats and Cuteoverload, I’m changing my official rule. Instead of pronouncing “e” like the “ai” in “braid,” the new reference is the “eh” in “kitteh.”)

Search term: how to sound italian
Talk to your mother on the phone 10 times a day.

Search term: aglio olio pronunciation
Oooh, this is a good one. The “gli” is a killer for those who are trying to get their mouth to comply with Italian. Here’s the best I can come up with: aglio = ah-ill-yo (say it fast fast fast, and you’ll get the idea) and olio = oal-yo. Alternatively, this might be easier for aglio: ahl-yo. It’s not perfect, but it’s not agg-lee-oh either.

Search term: how do you say funny girl in italian
The thing is, “funny” is a funny word in Italian. A funny girl can be una ragazza buffa, which means she is funny like how a comedian is funny; una ragazza simpatica, which, among other nice qualities, means she has a good sense of humour; or una ragazza strana, which means she’s not funny ha-ha, but funny strange.

Search term: how do you say those in italian
Quelle. queh-leh.

Search term: how to say bring it on in italian
Ha! I like this one. It’s not an exact match to anything, so I’ll open this up to my Italian readers and those fluent in Italian – bring it on!

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8 thoughts on “How to Say it in Italian: Search Queries Answered

  1. I love this stuff. I read each one out loud to myself and let the words roll around in my mouth.

    You’re so right that “gli” is tough to pronounce. It took me forever to get it too.

  2. Maybe Procuramelo? Oppure Portamelo? Boh? on garzanti website I’ve found this:

    Lemma to bring on
    Traduzione e avv.
    1 procurare (un disturbo, una malattia)
    2 (antiq.) addestrare, istruire.

  3. My Italian friend says “metticelo” is the best she can think of for “bring it on”. “meh ti chay lo” accent on the ti. Put it there… literaly.

  4. …not sure if I can get the Italian phonetics right, but how would I say the phrase “Two Things” in Italian?

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