The Work

People ask me all the time what it is I do for a living.  Well, besides being fabulous, which frankly is a full time job, I get paid to write things. All kinds of things.

I’ve ghostwritten several dozen books – on Air Jordan sneakers; how to buy real estate in Italy (my name’s actually on this one), get married in Italy (and on this one, too!), and quit smoking anywhere; weight loss tips; an expat guide to Berlin; over four dozen in the dating/relationship genre; and a lot of subjects I’d never thought anyone would be interested in, let alone pay me to write about.

I also write copy for websites. I’ve written website copy for a recording arts school, bespoke shirts and bespoke travel (not on the same site), charity,  Swiss banking, mortgage refinancing, real estate investment, a flu shot service, the culture of  Italy, and about 50 more I can’t remember. It’s made me become an SEO expert, so it’s all good!

Editing is in my bag of tricks. And, truth be told, I really love it. I’ve edited everything from blog posts to full manuscripts to sales copy. If it’s been written, I can edit it. And if it’s in really bad shape, I’ve worked with clients rewriting pieces as well.

I photograph stuff. My collections, let me show you them. I’m currently obsessed with sunlight on buildings, and doorways. Not sure why. But Gadling called me an “accomplished travel photographer,” so that’s something.

I have done social media marketing, monitoring and analysis for a couple clients, but I can’t say which ones. It’s fun and challenging.

Somewhere along the line I became a translator from Italian to English. I’ve translated everything from sexual positions to EU labor law. I know.

I’ve also worked in corporate environments, most notably as a production matrix analyst for JPMorgan Chase at Grey Advertising and as the leather and suede expert for the Women’s Collection for Ralph Lauren.

Oh! And I’m a travel writer, too:

From May of 2010 to May of 2012 I was the France Travel Guide writer for BootsnAll. I’ve also written for BootsnAll Travel, Galavanting Travel News & Reviews, Stinque (Foreign Correspondent), PlanetEye, Trazzler, New York Habitat, Location Independent Living, Travelated, Nomadic Foodie, Where I’ve Been, Travels with Two, Vagabondish, Men’s Journal, Fortnighter, and about France, including Paris, for Viator.

I’ve been interviewed for Cosmopolitan Italia, USA Today, Eye on Italy, Amateur Traveler, and I’ve been linked to in the Wall Street Journal. I’ve also been a speaker at TBEX, the travel blogger conference.

Want me to write for you? Email me at cantera at gmail.