In Which We Arrive At The Little Hospital

the Villa

I don’t know how to describe what happened next on this already-epic road trip, but please indulge me while I try. I think we’re gonna need a bigger blog.

Melanie and I left the idyllic silence and solitude of the Salamander Gite at Usclas-du-Bosc and headed back to the Avignon TGV station to pick up Mr. and Mrs. Pants, who’d been in Paris for a week and were now joining us. If you’ve never been to this particular jewel of the SNCF rail network, a few things to note:

  • It’s NOT the train station that is just outside the walls of the city; it’s a few miles away.
  • It’s ENORMOUS.
  • It looks like the airport of your dreams, except with trains.

Through some text exchanges (what did we do before cell phones?) I found Mr. and Mrs. Pants; somehow all of our luggage fit in the car, and we were off to the hospital.

OK, no, not really. But given its nearly miraculous restorative powers, Demeure’s Petit Hôpital should be covered under all insurance policies.

After we drove through the adorable Provençal town of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue on its famous and busy market day at least seven times in a vain effort to leave the town and find our real destination, we parked at the train station and had lunch. I then called Carolyn, my Demeure contact and the fairy godmother of this part of our adventure, and sheepishly asked if she could perhaps come and collect us. As fairy godmothers do, she happily obliged and we followed her out of town, down a few small roads and through the gates of heaven.

In case you haven’t yet clicked on the link above (and then promptly booked your next group vacation), Le Petit Hôpital is a villa just outside of Isle-sur-le-Sorgue in Provence, managed by the consummate professionals at Demeure, which is a website you should bookmark immediately. The villa has eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 476 indoor and outdoor sitting areas, the best dining table in Europe, a room specifically designed to drink wine in (!), and every possible amenity. Here are some amazing pictures snapped by Mr. Pants during our welcome tour of the place given by Carolyn:

little kitchen 02

The “small” kitchen, where we had breakfast each morning and planned the day.

salon reverse

The salon, where massages were given out like candy.

table with carolyn

The aforementioned Best Dining Table In Europe.

upstairs den

The loft, where Mel got a lot of work done and I stood inside the fireplace.


One of the aforementioned 476 seating areas. I don’t even remember seeing this one, that’s how many there were.

master suite


back terrace 02

The back terrace, where afternoons were often spent.


The pool. Mrs. Pants put in some hard time in this area of the grounds.

master kitchen

Oh yeah, just a professional-grade show kitchen to cook dinner in every night.

hidden terrace

The best possible place on earth in which to take a phone call that informs you you’re no longer writing for WhyGo France.

Now, just in case all of that didn’t make you go out of your mind with awesome, please consider the following thing, to be discussed over a series of subsequent posts:


Fasten your seat belts; it’s about to get really, really good.


9 thoughts on “In Which We Arrive At The Little Hospital

  1. OMG… I stayed here this past April and I know what you’re talking about…. when you wake up i the morning, and try to wake yourself up again because you’re dreaming as you look out the window and see the vineyards out the window…. I can’t wait to hear about the gay posse…!

    • RIGHT??? How amazing was that place??? I was in the master suite and each morning I was tempted to just stay in bed all day and watch the sun move over the property. But then I knew how much fun was waiting for me downstairs, and that there was a new place to sit and relax with my friends, and food to eat and wine to drink, and I’d jump up and practically run out of the room.

  2. OMG I CAN’T EVEN. How do I post an image of me with wide eyes and mouth open?

    A room JUST FOR DRINKING WINE IN? What is this sorcery? That table? Indeed, the best dining table in Europe. Or the world. Good lord.

    I want to teleport into the photos and sit in every single chair.

    • Haha, I’ve been waiting for you to get to these posts!

      Also, it would take you a week to sit in every chair in that house. Seriously.

      We need to do something like this one day. Seriously.

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