Summer Trip Planning

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So. I got a Eurail pass in the mail this week, courtesy of my France Travel Guide peeps at BootsnAll. I’m super excited to start using it. Since it’s good for 15 days over two months – and I can travel on as many trains as I can during each day – it’s going to take some planning to be able to visit as many places as I can this summer. I envision long, fun days of hopping on and off trains, running around gorgeous towns and cities, and then heading off to the next place on my list. BLISS.

I’ve definitely got to get to Lyon and Toulouse. Bordeaux and Biarritz are also on my list. There’s also a ton of tiny towns I want to visit. I have a huge map of France tacked to my wall above my desk, and right now it’s looking more like a menu of delicious, multi-course meals of travel. REALLY excited.

At the end of summer is an epic road trip with Melanie of Travels With Two and Mike of Vagabondish. It’s the first time I’m traveling with other people who write about travel for a living, and I’m psyched for that dynamic because we all come at travel form different perspectives. Also, they’re both awesome and hilarious. I’ve been put in charge of vacation home rentals and hotels in a couple cities, and Mel’s handling the rest. It’s going to be so much fun, I can barely wait!

This, of course, is coming off of an epic road trip I just took, with a friend of mine who came over for my Jubilee Year following my 40th birthday. We met up in Paris and visited Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley. Chateaux were seen, amazing meals were eaten, and we never got really, really lost. I’m trying to figure out my editorial calendar at WhyGo France now based on everything I learned and discovered, so I can’t post a lot about it here for now – but I reckon that by next week I’ll at least be able to show you some of the outstanding pics I took.

And that was after a whirlwind couple of months that started with an MK girls’ weekend in Nice, some quality time in Rome with the Gay Mafia, and a quick jaunt from Paris to Normandy with a couple of friends to see the American WWII Memorial.

What I won’t be doing this summer, sadly, is heading back to the States. I had two great summers there in a row, and the summer before that I was in Rome. It’s time to stick closer to home, and take these shorter-distance, daylong jaunts. Also, for goodness sake, I live in the South of France! I’m going to the BEACH!

Knowing my readers as I do – many of you personally – I know you’ve all got plans as well. Where are y’all off to this summer? Tell me everything!


10 thoughts on “Summer Trip Planning

  1. This weekend daddy is putting on the canopy top out on the porch. So I plan to be at the table with my Kindle, cigs,and eye glasses….. but sadly without you typing wildly while sitting opposite me. I will miss you, but I know you are happy and that makes me happy.
    love you

  2. In three weeks I leave for ten days on the Oregon coast, in a beach house right on the shore, mere steps from the freezing Pacific. My entire soul relaxes when I’m there, I swear. I’m burning through some vacation hours for the trip, but it’s utterly worth it, and I get to spend the time with my family who make me laugh until I cry.

    I can’t wait to see pics from your adventures!

  3. Christine, you might enjoy reading about the adventure these ladies will be having in France over the next few weeks. One of them, Robyn, lives near us in Italy. Ben and I will be here will many wonderful guests going to all the festas and sagras we can manage. All there events like that in France?

  4. With a healthy heart and an attached sternum, I am venturing back to the world of work on July 1. Under other circumstances I might be dismayed by the look of my summer, but under recent circumstances, this journey will be met with a positive outlook. Plus I will then have time to read about what you are doing!

  5. you have no idea how much i wish that you were coming home and we could have another fabulous ocean city summer!!!!
    as soon as this house sells, im there…

    love you!!!!

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