So, I have been going online to see what I need to look like for my trip to Europe. I have already transitioned from full coverage foundation make-up by Kevin Aucoin to tinted moisturizer by MAC so that I have the Parisian nude look. Also, I am working on reducing my pores. And, I am going to buy lots of black clothing although I hear Scott should purchase brightly colored pants for Italy. Additionally, I have to find very expensive shoes. Any other suggestions?

-In which my very best friend in the whole wide world prepares to visit me. AND I LOVE HER FOR IT.


6 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. She should not forget the large designer handbag, which will have virtually nothing in it except her phone which of course will connect to the internet, take pictures and serve a perfect Starbucks latte.

  2. While I am not your “very best friend” – I am still crazy excited about seeing you in Paris in a few days. I have been practicing my blank stare… and saying ” Je ne parle pas français”

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