Rome’s Stormy Days

I never tire of looking at the view from Marco’s terrace. This is a good thing, since I am usually on it, freezing my ass off, stealing wifi from some kind soul. Anyway, in winter there are usually some spectacular weather events. Here’s one I was able to capture. Enjoy!

weather in rome


8 thoughts on “Rome’s Stormy Days

  1. Fabulous! I so understand your enjoyment of your terrace-sitting!

    I lived in Ramallah, Palestine, on a hill and had a panoramic view over the desert and could see the weather come from far off. Spectacular! The sunsets too were stunning.

    The apartment had floor to ceiling glass in the living room and it got a bit eery when we had fog ===:\ My mate would say: There is no there there.

    • Where I stay here in Rome, it would take six months to get Internet because the house isn’t wired for anything more than a standing lamp – and Marco keeps saying he’s not going to be around this place that long, so he’s never ordered it. There is free wifi – I’m not stealing it “from” anyone in particular – but apparently, since this house is made of titanium or Kryptonite or something, the only place I can get a signal is outside. As in, literally six feet from where I am now, all warm and snug, inside. So I use what most Italians use, an Internet key. Mine is from Vodaphone, which is unlimited hours/volume, however slows to a maddening crawl after 5 gigs of use. As I told the woman in the shop, I work online, I’m going to go through 5 gigs in about 5 minutes. As it turned out, it lasted 5 days – which was about 20 days ago. Since then I’ve been through two more schede – one that was clearly for a cellphone, which lasted 5 hours, and this third one that hopefully will last me through Saturday morning.

      Italy is so backwards about Internet. It’s campanilismo at its worst.

  2. Oh poverina! How frustrating. I guess if you’re not staying in a place long enough it doesn’t make sense to get an internet hook up.

    My Italian friends (and I) used Telecom Italia’s Alice. I heard horror stories about FastWeb.

  3. Beautiful photo – reminds of when I was a lifeguard at a pool at the highest point in the county. I had a wide angle view of the surrounding, and developed a keen sense of the weather. One evening I watched a light rain approach. I could see the line go from the shallow end to the deep end where I sat.

    However, if you think there . . . be grateful you’re not in the States watching snow and ice storms.

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