Thirty Years!

I’ve written about it before on this day in years past, but today it is 30 years since my mother and I got on a plane to Cleveland, OH to have me join the second national touring company of Annie.

It’s true! It was in the papers! Well, the paper. Of my tiny island.

That day changed the course of my life. I loved every minute of my 2 1/2 years on the road. And I’ve been loving the last eight years more or less on the road as well.

Travel addicts everywhere, UNITE!


5 thoughts on “Thirty Years!

  1. How is it that I don’t remember reading about this in any of your writings or book? I dunno — but this is SO COOL! And: the sun will come out tomorrow (couldn’t resist)

  2. I saw a documentary some time ago about the little girls who were in Annie – interviewing them now, etc. You didn’t happen to be in it, did you?

    dee (blu_lily from LJ)

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