The Rick Steves of Frascati, Italy Day Trips


So, a while ago, I wrote this post about how Frascati is a great day trip from Rome, and specifically how you should go there to eat roasted pork in a cantina, and even more specifically, Osteria dell’Olmo.

Well, y’all are an obedient lot – because you’ve been going there in droves. So much so, in fact, that the lady who runs the Osteria dell’Olmo:

  1. Has asked someone to tell me that she “doesn’t feel or look old and she’s a very hard worker” (consider yourself told);
  2. Has taped the blog post up in her osteria;
  3. Has asked the woman who owns the bicycle shop around the corner to tell me to add the contact info to the original post.

Osteria dell’Olmo di Reggi Rita,
Piazza dell’Olmo, 3
cell. 347.4045273


Everyone who’s taken this trip and kindly took the time to come back to this blog has let me know that it was just as easy, and just as delicious, as I’d said it was. So now you have to go!


31 thoughts on “The Rick Steves of Frascati, Italy Day Trips

  1. Hi Christine!

    I sent my friends on this hunt about 3 weeks ago! I haven’t heard back from them, but I bet they loved it! Tom and I enjoyed the scavenger hunt and looking at people’s photos on flickr pointing us to the right place (hard to find when you arrive at 3:30pm. Their gates are down). It was so fun! Thank you!


      • Miss Expatria….I took your advise on this day trip from Roma when we went to Italy last June.

        My family and I would tell you it was one of our best days during our 17 day trip. I printed your blog, followed your instructions to a T and it was exactly as you explained. A memory we will never forget! Thank you!
        PS planning another trip, any other tips on a day trip anywhere in Italy would be perfect!

  2. I loved reading about your trip to Frascati, we are touring Italy in July this year and we have booked 2 night in Frascati. We arrive at midday on 19th with the intention of taking the train to Rome on 20th and leaving Frascati going south on 21st. I am now really looking forward to my lunch there…

  3. I love when I discover that a place is more than meets the eye and that behind all those hordes of tourists roaring in the big, fashionable city there are little jewels hidden in the deep oceans of “almost forgotten” šŸ™‚

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  5. Hi,

    Looking forward to following this great day trip! Just wondering if the cantina is closed at anytime during the afternoon??



  6. I went to Frascati shortly after you wrote the first blog about the lunchtime trip. Apparently we were among the first to venture into the cantina because the woman and man (I assume the owners) had not seen the blog posting. I gave them a copy and that may be what is on the wall.

    The trip to Frascati was one of the highlights of our time in Italy. The owners were most charming and we shared our lunch with them and a couple of local workmen who stopped in for lunch. Fabulous. Go!

  7. I’m sold. I’m going in first week in July. Does anyone knows what is the opening and closing hours of the place? And does it open daily?

  8. Just went yesterday, and Leda’s stand was closed. Wr got sandwich fixings from another place and went to the Osteria,. It was about 12:30 and the man at the door said they were closed and wouldn’t open until 5. We found a, view of Rome and had our sandwiches. It was great. On our way back to the train we saw a funeral listing posted for a Leda Valentini. Could this be the same Leda?

  9. We went yesterday, the 15th October to Frascati. Once we’d gotten the porchetta, bread and condiments (the lady at the market stand was wonderful) we went too find the Osteria. Initially, we walked right past it cause it didn’t look like a tavern or watering hole although the “old” lady was sitting opposite the entrance. Turns out they were out of wine cause they appeared be pressing the new harvest or something. We found a view spot on the old wall around the corner. Be great if an alternative Osteria could be recommended. Seemed to be quite a few lost tourists carrying their porchetta parcels looking for a place to sit down and eat. Thanks for recommending the trip though. We enjoyed the day out.

    • Yes, it is open. Normal lunch hours (12-3). Note that it is NOT a restaurant. It is a cantina. You bring food, they sell wine.

      • We are planning to see the pope’s palace and have lunch in Frascati. Is it possible to enjoy both places in one day? If so how do we go to these places?

        • You can do it if you have a car; that would be a full day, but a good day. If you choose to do it instead by train you’d have to go in and out of Rome to visit both places, which would be a huge pain.

  10. Went to Frascati September 10 Monday. Took the 11:54 train from Termini and arrived Frascati at 12:30. When we got to the top of the stairs we stopped to take a few photos of the villa then proceeded to look for Leda. When we got to the Piazza del Mercato, Leda’s was closed. We got some food from the other shops and proceeded to look for the cantina (Osteria dellā€™Olmo). When we got there they had fruit outside and the gentleman told us that they sell fruit in the mornings and then they close and re-open at 4 pm. šŸ˜¦

  11. Christine, grazie grazie! A lovely suggestion and we fully enjoyed. my daughter and I went on a Monday and Leda’s was closed but we went to another porchetta in the same square. The cantina had only fruit outside when we were there also but the porchetta gentleman had two tables set up by his little stand and sold us the Frascati white wine as well. Such a highlight of our trip!
    We felt like locals! Grazie again!

  12. We’ll be in Rome for the next three weeks. I came across your blog while looking for info about Orvieto which, in turn, led to Frascati which sounds perfect for a day trip. But I’m a bit confused about when Osteria dell’Olmo is open for lunch or even if it is open for lunch.

    • That’s a tough call, but I’d say yes; Easter Monday is a huge holiday. On the other hand, a lot of people go up to the Castelli on Easter Monday.

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