Answering Reader Questions, Part III

Yes, boys and girls, it’s another installment of Busy Time Questions! Today’s question comes from West Coast Gay Mafia Don Matt:

If money was no object, where would you live for the rest of your life, specifically? Also, what would your dream house look like? Since you’re already living what I would consider a dream life (warts and all, I know), I’m curious what your BIG dreams are like.

Check out the surprisingly complicated answer (plus photos!) after the jump.

First, let’s get the dream house out of the way:

This house (which is in Hawaii) has everything I want: It’s on the sea; it has the SWEET room at the front that’s like a little perch I’d practically live in on its own; it looks like all the rooms have a view; and it has that indoor/outdoor living feel that I love. Give me any house that’s like this, and I’ll live in it happily.

However, the thought of living in one place for the rest of my life makes me feel like I’ve been buried alive (my biggest irrational fear, by the way. Well, that and tornadoes). There are so many places I dream of living, it’s hard to choose just one.

That being said, if money were no object, I’d certainly be able to travel a lot, which I guess is all I really want out of life. So if that were the case, then I’m not sure if the country/city is as important as the house and its immediate location.

  • That house at the beginning of the second Bourne film? On the beach in Goa? Yes please.
  • All the homes I see from the train along the French Riviera? Great, count me in.
  • Those ultra-modern homes in Malibu, with the clear glass balconies? Awesome.
  • Any apartment in Barceloneta would be on my list.
  • So would any palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice.
  • Those smooth white homes on Santorini look so rad.
  • I want one of those bungalows that sit on stilts in the sea in the South Pacific.
  • Just today, I was out with Marco running errands, and we drove through a neighborhood I’d never been in. My first thought was, “Ooooh, let’s move here!”

I love the feeling of kind of alighting on a place, becoming a part of it, seeing how it lives and breathes, and then moving on. That would be my true dream.

I’m an experience addict more than a travel addict, I guess?

But, you asked for one place specifically, and I promise you I’m trying here.

Although I rant and rave about being a city girl, I think my ideal place for the rest of my life would be remote, a true haven, with only what I needed nearby. I would think it would be an island off of Italy, if I had to say.

Like this place on Pantelleria:

Or this place on Levanzo:

I don’t even know what it is, but I can see myself standing on a bluff with the wind in my hair, gazing out at the sea, waiting for guests to arrive.

My answer to this question surprised me, and I have a feeling I’d probably answer differently on another day. But, for today, this is my answer.


5 thoughts on “Answering Reader Questions, Part III

  1. Can I come too?

    I’m rootless, looking for a place, but will probably get restless again. There are many stunning houses, many fabulous places, but I have come to the understanding that I want to live in a place where I can find kindred (international, nomad) souls to hang out with when in need of company and friendship. Solitude is good, but not all the time.

    Not every wonderful house in a great place necessarily comes with said souls habitating in the surroundings.

    If you know of such a place, do tell! The house is secondary.

  2. This. SO this.

    From my far flung corner on the western edge of the empire, your dream(s) sounds like heaven.

    Grazie mille, tesoro.

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