Answering Reader Questions, Part II

As keen readers know, I’m BIZZY. So I asked you for questions that I can answer to keep the blog up to date without, you know, collapsing in a heap from thinking of something brilliant to write every day. Today, we’ve got a juicy string of questions from the delicious Jessica Spiegel.

Jessica, as you may remember, is the knowledgeable and friendly woman behind the Italylogue over at BootsnAll. She writes: I’ve met you, read your blog, and read your book… You seem like a fearless go-getter. So I wanna know – what about travel SCARES you?

That’s an excellent question. I can’t think of anything offhand except for border control. The whole PAPERS PLEASE thing freaks me out. I think it comes from growing up in America, where you can travel thousands of miles and still be in the same country (except, apparently, in Arizona).

Also, living in France where protesting is a national pastime, large, angry crowds scare me because I’ve been there when they and/or the cops in riot gear watching them turn violent with no warning.

Any place you would NEVER go without a tour group/guide?

I don’t know about anything as formal as a tour group; I’d want someone with me who spoke/read the language in any country that doesn’t use some form of the Roman alphabet, and in any country that has a specific set of rules governing the dress and behavior of women.

Any food you’re terrified to eat?

I would draw the line at anything that’s still living. Otherwise, as long as you can deep fry it beyond recognition, I’ll eat it.

Any population you’re afraid of?

As a whole, no. But recently I did some research for a client on several Finnish towns where things get drunk and ugly at night. While I’d give the benefit of the doubt to anyplace where it’s dark several months a year, a pack of unruly drunk strangers makes me nervous.

And beyond things you might be afraid of because they’re unknowns, are there any travel-related stories of things you’ve done and they STILL freak you out?

Far too often, I’ve found myself the passenger in a car that’s on some godforsaken mountainside road without guardrails. The entire time, I am consumed with the absolute knowledge that I’m about to die. I can’t begin to explain how terrified it makes me.


10 thoughts on “Answering Reader Questions, Part II

  1. I love your sense of adventure and fun. Those were great questions from a reader. It really gave me a sense of you and “how you roll”. 🙂 Happy Trails from Houston, TX

  2. Any situation can turn ugly, even – yes! – at home in the good ol’ USA. People too often think that danger lurks beyond the “safe” borders…

    • This is true. I’ve noticed it at concerts the most, actually – I’ve seen more concerts get ugly in the US than over here.

  3. Wow, some great insights here.

    I get nervous during passport-checking time too. It just seems like things can get confusing very fast.

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