Answering Reader Questions, Part I

San Giorgio

Hello all! I’m back in Rome now, the trip was long, Monte Carlo was a bust (no place to check your luggage?!), was whisked away to Viterbo for the weekend, and am busy with work. So, as promised, in order to keep up appearances (laughable as they may be to begin with), I’ll be answering reader questions for the next several posts. The first one comes from one of my favorite Internet travel people, the Happy Hotelier, about Venice. Enjoy!

One of my regular guests fancies renting an apartment in Venice to occasionally retreat there in stead of where she lives. Which city part would you fancy?

I hope the wording of your question implies that I can live there the rest of the time she’s not using it.

I love Cannaregio, which you can find by making a left out of the train station and crossing a canal. It has some of my favorite restaurants, and I just like the vibe. Second would be Dorsoduro, home to the hottest sommelier on earth and his mother, who makes amazing cicchetti.

Further she says that social life in Venice is very home bound. Real Venetians don’t meet in pubs. They meet at parties thrown at homes. As a tourist you’re not likely to meet real Venetians.

I find that to be true of most Italians, based on nothing more than my own experience. Italians are not the “let’s meet for drinks” kind of crowd. That being said, obviously Italians as well as Venetians do go out to socialize. You just have to know where to go to find them. And THAT being said, Venice has been so altered by the tourist industry that I’m not sure how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the few Venetians who are left (less than 60,000 at last count) would be to play 20 Questions with tourists.

Venice intrigues me. And you?

Absolutely, yes. It is by far my favorite place I’ve ever visited, and I’m chomping at the bit to get back there for a few days at the very least.


4 thoughts on “Answering Reader Questions, Part I

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  2. Please tell me more about “hottest sommelier on earth and his mother, who makes amazing cicchetti.”

    Headed to Venice on June 15. I’ll be in Rome on the 27th. Maybe I’ll see you?!!!

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