Another Installment of Miss Expatria’s Fun With Search Terms

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Yes, boys and girls, once again it’s time for me to indulge in one of my guiltiest pleasures – checking to see how people came to ye olde Miss Expatria blog, which you’d never know is about travel from these stats. Sigh. There’s a bonus Italian pronunciation guide at the end of this post, though, so there’s that.

For my cheeky piece about going to L.A. for the Oscars, I stole chose a picture from the show “Friends” to illustrate a comparison to how I and my friends lived at the time. I’m now one of the top Google image hits for the search term, “friends.” Whoops.

I used an iconic photo of Natassja Kinski to illustrate another point I was making, quite a romantic and poignant point, I thought, about the maps of Paris, London and Rome. Now I’ve got all manner of people arriving at my blog, which I’m fairly certain they were not looking for when they entered terms like “naked wrapped in snake,” “famous snake and naked natasha portrait” and something called “snake thai distribution map.” By the way, if your country needs one of those, I’m not going there. Just saying.

Some other gems from the past week alone:

“how much weight has anthony bourdain gained”
Please dear Lord, don’t let me achieve his level of fame.

“song with last plane to leaving on runway”
I don’t know, but it sounds like a sad song that should be played on a harmonica.

“miss gay roma april 4 2010”
OMG! Did I win something?

“italian family words papa pappa pope foo”
This sounds like someone is cursing incoherently at Ratzinger. Which reminds me, here’s something I learned the hard way: Dad = papà (pah-PAH), the Pope = papa (pah-pah). “That was my pope on the phone. He’s fishing in Florida.”

“how does it sound like when you say hear”
Is this like one of those “if a tree falls in the forest” questions? They make my head hurt.

“i miss the excitement of jersey shore”
If you’re talking about the TV show, get off my blog right now.

“i like it in italian”
Me too!

And finally, since you’ve endured my snark, a new Italian pronunciation guide via search terms! Here we go:

“how do you say i like in italian”
Mi piace, literally, “it pleases me.” mee-PYA-tchay.

“how to say i really like you in italian”
Mi piaci tanto! mee PYA-tchee TAHN-toe.

“venezia pronunciation”

“how to say 2009 in italian”
duemila nove. DOO-ayMEAL-ah KNOW-vay. 2010 is DOO-ayMEAL-ah DYETCH-ee.

“how to say i’m going to rome in italian”
Yay! Vado a Roma is the most common. VAH-doe ah ROW-mah. If you’re on a cell phone telling someone that you’re literally on the way to Rome as you speak, it’s: Sto per Roma. stow pair. If you want to say that, as God is your witness, one day you will go to Rome next year or a part of you will perish? Andrò a Roma. ahn-DRO. OK it’s not actually dramatic, it’s just future tense.

“aglio e olio pronounce”
I’ve done this one before, but it’s super tough so I’ll do it again. AHLL-yo ay OHLL-yo. That’s about as simple as I can make it. The -gli- thing is insane.

“i cant believe this in italian”
Non ci posso credere. known tchee POH-so CRAID-air-ay.

“how do you say you are crazy in italian”
Sei pazzo or sei pazza. say PATZ-oh/ah.

Got more questions? Ask me in the comments, I’m taking requests!


5 thoughts on “Another Installment of Miss Expatria’s Fun With Search Terms

  1. Hi, Miss ExPat.

    I have a question, and was wondering if you would mind answering it offline.

    If we’re lucky (and we really are!), the two sisters and I will be leaving Boston for Rome — via Amsterdam — this Friday evening. I’m picturing the ash cloud gone . . . poof!

    The sisters would really like to do a day trip to Pompeii from Rome. They’ve done the research. It’s apparently a three hour train ride from Rome.

    I’m not so sure it’s do-able. Do you have any experience with this?

    Thanks so much. I really, truly love your brain!


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