Italian Easter Lunch For The Win

After cooking up a hamburger I found in the back of our minuscule freezer that was recently unearthed due to defrosting, I received an email from Marco:

today 4 lunch:

Garganelli with sausage and mushrooms
Roast beef
Fried lamb
Saltimbocca alla romana
Fried artichokes
Fried potatoes
Strawberries with fresh cream

now @ work, but… you know: BUUUUURPISSIMO!

Gay Mafia Easter lunch WIN. Miss Expatria holiday meal planning FAIL. Sigh. And here’s what I was doing last year: double sigh.


9 thoughts on “Italian Easter Lunch For The Win

    • Right?? Procrastinators of the world, unite! After all these years over here, I still can’t get the whole shopping-before-the-holiday-closing thing down.

  1. And your Mom made an awesome pork roast. After a day on the boat we returned and demolished an awesome meal. We talked about you and Trin (who had just called). What a great day we had. We even got to talk to Patrick and Liam. Glad yours was fun too and I soooo remember your blog from last year and still love it. It is just so perfect a story in photos.

    Happy Easter Sweetface!

  2. My Easter consisted of a Sack-O’s Italian sub and an Essa Bagel. Thats right! I thought of you every minute.

  3. We had for Easter Dinner:

    Olives and Basket Cheese and Pepperoni
    Minestra with cabbage and escarole with chicken, ham and pepperoni- a BIG hit.
    Ham with raisin sauce, broccoli casserole, lemon potatoes and fresh asparagas.

    Lemon Knots
    Italian Cheese Cake
    Espresso con Sambuca e un scorsa di limone-a family tradition

    and I cooked and it was a great success!

  4. Jeeze, I’d almost rather get an email that said “Everything we ate for Easter tasted terrible. I ended up making myself a hamburger.”

    Your friends are cruel, cruel people.

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