Train Travel Pictures: Sunrise to Sunset

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

On Wednesday I made the trip yet again by train from Rome to Montpellier. And yet again, I marveled at the sights out my window and wondered how I could ever bitch about such a magnificent way to travel.

First, there was the sunrise over Lazio.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

Then an eerie morning fog in Tuscany.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

Lunchtime was in Genova. Train delays meant I didn’t get a chance to stroll around the city, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying its sights.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

Happy colors in Menton, the first town over the border in France.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

The Cote d’Azur on a sunny afternoon is nothing short of spectacular.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

I see you, camouflaged cell phone tower!

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

Provence in the late afternoon reminds me of the American Southwest at times.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

And at other times, not at all.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10

Finally, the bookend to my day: A beautiful sunset over Languedoc.

Rome to Montpel, 3/31/10


13 thoughts on “Train Travel Pictures: Sunrise to Sunset

  1. OMG … Keep snappin’ those photos. What a gift you have and a great eye for composition and color! I love them, I love your blogs and most of all, I love you. I miss your face! Your daily updates are terrific.

    • I miss you, too! Thanks for encouraging my frequent updates. And, yeah, I’m really impressed with how these pics came out while on a moving train!

  2. Were I of independent means, I would spend all my time on the European trains, especially on Trenitalia, my favorite, no reservations required and a six-passenger compartment assured to have a friendly Italian to talk to.

        • DO they?? Darling, they come around selling it out of little carts, along with tramezzini from Harry’s Bar. But I do prefer a bottle with some great cheese and salumi from in town.

        • No need to sneak.

          You can drink openly all over civilized Europe, unlike the hopelessly provincial U.S.

  3. This totally made me nostalgic. We did this trip (altho not by train) when we first started traveling. Hard to believe that was three years ago.

    And I swear, I know that cell phone tower. Or maybe I’m confusing it with one on the Hutch between NYC and Connecticut.

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