The Mighty Fooders Conquer Rome

Francesca Barreca and Marco Baccanelli are the Mighty Fooders – and they have earned the undying love of this foodie/stalker for life. On Saturday, in their home on the ground floor of a courtyard fit for a Rear Window remake, they served up:

CRAB PIE (torta di granchio)
(insalata di patate dolci con sciroppo d’acero e arancia)
CORN BREAD (pane di mais)

It was accompanied by a live jazz trio and attended by about 40 people, each one cooler than the next, none of them in any way pretentious.

When I arrived, on time like the nuns taught me, there were a few people milling about. I returned from the drinks table behind the kitchen and was approached by an American girl: “Hi, I’m sorry, are you Miss Expatria?”

“Uh, yes, I am. Hi!” She lives here in Rome, and after apologizing for seeming like a blog stalker, we got to chatting. A few minutes in, I asked her what she does for a living.

“I do subtitles for film and television.”

“Wait a minute. What? Are you [her name]?”

She looked surprised. “Uh, yes, I am.”

“And you blog stalk ME? I blog stalk YOU! I love you! Hi!” And a friendship was born.

Well, more than a friendship, really – it was more like a doyenne conference. She has her very own Gay Mafia – really, everyone should – and with a trusty gay Aussie by her side we made plans for a summit of the two factions in early May; a fabulous kind of peace shall reign as spring becomes summer this year in Rome.

Meanwhile the stalking continued unabated, as Marco and Francesca kindly took a few minutes to introduce themselves and we all gushed to each other how wonderful it was to finally meet. I also tried stalking Mistress VinoRoma, who was in attendance and whom I later found out had ACTUALLY SAID HELLO to me, but apparently I didn’t recognize her and was bummed that I was not able to find her. WTF? I’m an idiot.

In any case, it was a delightful evening of delicious food lovingly prepared, fun music, new friends and lots of laughter. I made my way home fully satisfied – heart, mind, body and soul. I am thrilled to have found the Mighty Fooders, and anxiously await their next event.


18 thoughts on “The Mighty Fooders Conquer Rome

  1. The best food I had in Rome was in the Chinese restaurant three or so blocks downhill from Roma Termini.

    Could always understand the Chinese speaking Italian, which I could not always from the native speakers.

    Best regards,


    P.S. Okay, the flatbread covered with garlic and cherry tomatos in the cafeteria just north of Roma Termini was exquisite (and made it into my unfinished thousand-page thriller set in Rome, Sicily, London, and Zurich).

      • Well, then, I hope you will become a reader/editor/critic of my fiction.

        I think you will “get” it.

        It’s very Italian. I lived there for four years and have completely inculcated the mindset of the Sicilian peasant.

        I still think like one, three years removed from Sicily.

        I love your photo, think you’re cute as hell, and will buy your book any place I can pay cash for it.

        Did I already describe my Sicilian peasant outlook on life? 🙂

    • John Normaaaaan! As a charter member of the International Gay Mafia Syndicate, you shall be notified.

  2. Wish I could meet you. Am totally stuck in the U.S. (passport problems).

    Your photo is to die for. Will buy your book when I can figure out how to do it.

    Can you get me an EU passport? 🙂

    Truly only a smiley face. I’m stuck with who I am. I was graced with the opportunity to live in Europe (Italy, Sicily) for four years and I grabbed it.

    Was illegal after the first six months, but then everybody in Sicily minds their own business.

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