The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For: Food Update

Hello, chickadees! Let’s get down to bidness with the food report. More and/or lengthier posts may be coming on any and/or all of these items; when/if they do, just pretend you didn’t see this post, OK? But I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

UP first: Mr. Apricot brought up five kilos of still-warm, fresh mozzarella from Naples. AND THEN WE ATE IT ALL.


I learned how to make Roman-style artichokes. Grilled sausage sold separately. What, did you think I was going to eat just a plate of vegetables?


I stopped into the Mercato Esquilino the other day, and found it full of men, food and exotic spices.

Mercato Esquilino

Mercato Esquilino

We ate at a new-ish restaurant in the neighborhood, and everything was so good we ordered it all over again, but switched plates. Here is a pistachio and pancetta sauce that I had first, and then Leo had.


This is one of the supermarkets I go to. It is totally hidden from the street and ghetto fabulous. Caesar is weeping in his grave.


Check out what they’re feeding babies in this country.

Baby Food


12 thoughts on “The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For: Food Update

  1. We caught the end of an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations last night where he was in Venice. The food was so beautiful that it nearly brought me to tears. He had these gorgeous tomatoes that he ate minutes after they were picked… wonderful looking cheeses and breads and sausages. I was so jealous.

    • Hahahahah yes! I took that pic just for you. Also, please note ostrich and rabbit, complete with friendly graphics. And 19 kinds of fish.

  2. Also…ostrich baby food? Made from real ostriches?

    I love this post. Everything looks so exotic to my California eyes, and I LOVE SUPERMARKETS IN ITALY. I can’t explain why other than it’s such a cool place to explore. You see so many weird things and have to ask yourself “Toothpaste or anchoives in a tube? Who can say?”

    • Ha I thought of you as I snapped that pic of dico. I, too love perusing supermarkets in foreign countries. I especially love seeing how much space is dedicated to certain products – like, here in Rome there is an entire aisle of pasta, while in Montpel the yogurt selection is enormous.

  3. So is the cavallo actually horse?

    Ostrich isn’t that weird. We make ostrich burgers at home in Boston. Tastes and looks EXACTLY like ground beef but is a million times better for you.

    When we were in Rome a few weeks ago we really loved going into the supermercatos to see all the different food!

    And ohhhh, mozzarella in the states just isn’t quite the same.

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