YouTube – Anthony Bourdain – Provence Preview

See? See what I mean? Their cold, cruel Southern French hearts do not even warm to my beloved Tony. Every word he says in this preview, I have said verbatim while living in the South of France. Usually accompanied by hot tears and shame.

Seriously, you guys. Look at that lady show nothing but controlled rage at his very existence. Hey, lady: If you couldn’t care less that Tony Bourdain is making you a meal and complimenting you, STAY HOME.

Anthony Bourdain – Provence Preview.


7 thoughts on “YouTube – Anthony Bourdain – Provence Preview

  1. Tony’s face looks a little fuller. Has he gained weight? I think my cousin, Lou (Sam’s father) could pass for Tony’s brother. I know you haven’t seen him in a while but he kinda aged that way.

  2. Interesting preview… can’t wait to watch it! Why’d she even agree to do the show? Mean People Suck.

    We saw him speak in January at a local venue – it was a great show.

  3. I want to go to dinner with him and Rahm Emanuel. Oh, the salt and pepper hair! Oh, the cursing! I’d love it.

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  5. I loved the Provence episode, but the larger host lady in this show really ruined it for me. “No, this is not ratatouille!” wtf?

    Tony seemed off his usual game in this one, and I think it’s due to her holier-than-thou attitude towards Tony.

    More Tony, more Provence, less fat lady.

  6. I just watched this episode last night. The preview was a bit sensational, in the end he was treated well and with dignity.

    In fact, it was a great example of what I love about “No Reservations.” Tony doesn’t just visit, he explores deeper issues such as the impact of tourism on a region and the contrast between the romantic notion of Provence (outsiders) and the reality of those who have grown up there and watch it change before their eyes (insiders).

    It was a great episode and makes me want to get back to Provence asap.

    – C

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