Epic 2009 Travel Photos!

My West Coast Gay Mafia don alerted me to this fun thing people have been doing on their blogs this month, and I thought I’d give it a shot – literally! I’ll be posting 12 pictures below, one for each month of the year, as a kind of photo chronicle of a year in the life of your dear old Miss Expatria.


Père Lachaise Cemetery

I spent the New Year holiday with Fabulous Cousin in Paris. The actual evening was a bust, as Paris inexplicably DID NOT HAVE FIREWORKS. Hello?! But Fab Cuz and I had a wonderful time eating, taking pictures and generally enjoying each other’s company. This is the first year in a while that we’re not spending the holidays together, and we’re both feeling the loss. Next year, darling!


Hotel de la Palais

In February two girlfriends and I stayed at this charming hotel right here in Montpel on Valentine’s Day, which is also Cal’s birthday, which is a day I leave him alone to party with friends. Fi and Al got me hooked on Benidorm that night, and we drank Champagne and ate little yummies and fell asleep giggling.


Eva & Stephan's Party

In March was the big party at Sheila’s house, celebrating her daughter’s 18th birthday and our friend’s 30th. The evening featured belly dancers, naughty cakes and dancing until the wee hours. What a great night!



April was the start of a very long, very fun stint in Rome, and a month of long walks, spring nights, heavenly fragrances scenting the air, and of course, laughter. Always, always laughter.



Mr. Pants came over to Rome in May, and we ran around Italy being fantastic for a couple of weeks. It was one of the most epic traveling experiences I’ve ever had. And Fabulous Cousin came at the end of the month for a relaxing, wonderful time without the need for winter coats for once! I can’t believe that was all one month, wow.


Betto & Mary

Still in Rome, I was fortunate enough to go back to my favorite restaurant for a third time this trip. Everything else is a blur of wonderful.



Back home with darling Cal, processing about a million pictures and getting ready for:


Beach Badges

Home! For the first time in three years. One of my dearest friends got married. I saw old friends and my amazing family. It was the beginning of another long and satisfying trip.



After a visit from Most Talented Cousin, it was back to my old stomping grounds: New York City. Another dear friend let me commandeer his extra bedroom, and off I went eating amazing food with amazing friends and catching up on several years’ worth of gossip, laughter and hugs. I also made it to Philly to see Mr. and Ms. Pants and other usual suspects in their natural habitat. I was treated like a queen and had a ball!


Midge Sambuca


Look at those two characters! My father generously drove me to see my awesome pocket grandparents, Vi and Midge, in New England. My grandpop is shown above sharing his unique brand of after-dinner wisdom. On the way back, my father even more generously dropped me off at the home of none other than the famous MK and her brood. That’s MK and her youngest peeking out from behind the most bad-ass toddler I have ever met. Her older brother is a charmer and will be breaking hearts sooner than I’m sure his mother would like.


Ocean City

It was time to say goodbye to the folks and my childhood beach and return home to my regularly scheduled life.



Now I’m back in Montpel with Cal, and we’ve been enjoying our time together after having been apart for so much of the year! It’s also my birthday month, which means I’ve been lavished with attention, drinks, prezzies and fine dining. We spent a quiet, relaxing Christmas together, and I’m looking forward to ringing in 2010 with hostess extraordinaire Fi at her digs.

All I can say about 2009 is, WOW. What an epic travel year. Your Miss Expatria logged some miles! And 2010 is shaping up to be just as fun. Hopefully I’ll stick to my New Year’s resolution to post more on this blog, so get ready to travel along with me as I seek out even more adventures.


9 thoughts on “Epic 2009 Travel Photos!

  1. I just KNEW this post of yours would rock! Each one of these photos is an absolute awesome thing! I’m still waiting to see if you do anything badly. So far? Niente.

    Well done!

  2. Love this gorgeous photo journal of 2009. Quite a year Ms Expatria! October is my favorite with Grandpop Midge and his Sambuca.. I feel full just looking at that photo. Happy and Beautiful 2010! Love you

  3. Visiting with Most Inspirational Cousin at the shore was the top highlight of my year! I LOVED this entry and the beautiful photos. Can I order a print of your seashell photo for my living room? That, my dear, is stunning! What talented eyes you have. 🙂

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