My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

I’ve been tagged by the Artist At Large to divulge my three best kept travel secrets. I’m horrible at keeping travel secrets, so faithful readers will no doubt remember these. But without further ado, let’s get to it!

Oh, but before I do, I need to tag five people whose travel secrets I want brought to light:

Kayt at Travel Savvy Mom

Mary Ann at Enchanted Traveler

Dian at Girls’ Getaway

Gillian of Gillian’s Lists

Kristian of Londonelicious

The final list of Top Bloggers’ Best Kept Travel Secrets will be published in a special blog post on the Tripbase blog and shared across the Internets.

1. La Casa Sul Mare, Procida, Italy

Favorite Procida

This hotel is my “happy place” that my mind often travels back to whenever I find myself in a post office line, cold wind or some other untenable moment of daily drudgery. There is not one thing about it that is not perfect.

2. Levanzo, Sicily, Italy


A perfectly serene getaway from the world at large – even though where you’re coming from, Trapani, already seems like the edge of the world. I would go back there in a heartbeat, any time of year.

3. Ocean City, NJ

It’s called “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” and it lives up to that name without affectation or pretense. A small barrier island in South Jersey, seen in the background of the picture above, it’s a place where the ice cream truck rings its bell at every beach entrance, families sit at the table long after dinner is done, and generations of people have made memories that hearken back to a simpler time – when clam shells were perfectly fine for digging in the sand, your skin smelled like the sea and every morning brought the promise of good, clean fun.


6 thoughts on “My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

    • Thanks Krista! And I just realized that I totally called you “Kristian” before. WTF? Nice reading comprehension on my part.

      The next time I’m in London, let’s PLEASE hook up!

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