The Most Inspiring Video I’ve Ever Seen

What am I about to show you has absolutely nothing to do with travel. But it is about living your dream, and sometimes you get your inspiration from the strangest places. If even one person who sees this video and reads the story behind it is inspired to change the course of their life, take a risk and realize whatever their dream is, then it’s been worth it.

This isn’t a Make-A-Wish thing, or a Springsteen/Cox-inspired audience grab; it was totally random, a girl at the right place at the right time. It’s a long song, and you might not like the music; but watch the whole thing – and if you aren’t choked up by the site of a girl living her dream in real time, you need to get some help.

The story behind it is after the jump.

Per the New York Times, this is how it went down:

At one point during Monday night’s Green Day show at Madison Square Garden, Billie Joe Armstrong announced that he needed someone on stage who could play the guitar. And not just for a “three-chord song,” he added, “for one with four, five, maybe six chords” — “Jesus of Suburbia.” After rejecting a few wannabes he stopped and asked a girl in the mosh pit if she knew how to play, then looked unconvinced when she said she did. “What key is it in?” he asked. Seemingly satisfied with her answer (it’s somewhat complicated, but for the sake of brevity, let’s say the correct response is C sharp major) he pulled her up onto the stage. The girl — her name later was revealed to be Stephanie — was wearing jeans shorts, a torn Misfits t-shirt, and a head scarf over her pigtails. Mr. Armstrong handed her the guitar, conferred with her briefly, then let her sit on an amp to get started. And then she…ripped! A few bars in she was wandering the stage like a pro and when Mr. Armstrong introduced her at the end, the crowd was shouting “Ste-pha-nie! Ste-pha-nie!” in appreciation.

Stephanie was last seen heading down Tower A after the show, a pair of Tre Cool’s drumsticks in one hand, her cell phone in the other, a chant of “Ste-pha-nie!” breaking out from those who spotted her in the crowd.

You know what, Stephanie? Good for you. I hope every girl on earth who thinks she is not worthy of a dream sees this. I hope you had the time of your life. And I hope they throw a fricking pep rally for you at your school. And I hope you keep that moment with you for the rest of your days.

To dreams coming true!


9 thoughts on “The Most Inspiring Video I’ve Ever Seen

  1. This? Is exactly why I love reading you so much. You bring things like this into my life, Miss Ex.

    Big, sappy tears in my eyes and a grin on my face. That girl is perfect for that moment and I’m thrilled for her.

  2. Absolutely amazing! YESSS Green Day and bringing the rockstar out of Ste-pha-nie, Ste-pha-nie! All sorts of choked up..

  3. This is beyond awesome. I’m so glad a friend of mine linked me to your post and I am going to gladly share it with my nieces.

  4. quite lovely video. I saw GD in Philly (my son’s first big rock show, and one that will be hard to top), a fantastic show, and we had a great audience player on J of S too. In the video of Stephanie’s great performance, at about 6:00, when Armstrong has his arms over Stephanie’s shoulders and is talking to her while she plays, the expressions of relaxed happy bliss that pass over her face and through her smile are just marvelous and infectious.

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