Passionate Roman Sports Graffiti

I’m not going to pretend I know or care anything about calcio – what us Yankees call soccer, and the rest of the world calls football (or, alternatively, futbol). But here in Rome, Associazione Sportiva Roma (A.S. Roma) is the hometown team – and S.S. Lazio, the regional team that sounds like it’s about to sail off on a three-hour tour, is not so well loved by the ever-faithful.

My Rome

Join me after the jump for more passionate Roman sports graffiti.

My Rome

“In the name of Rome,” it reads. The one below translates to, “Long live the crazy joy of being A.S. Roma fans.”

My Rome

And while this one refers to the team, I can’t look at this picture without getting choked up as it perfectly describes my love for this town: “You will not see anything in the world better than Rome.” See, I just got choked up writing that. I’m such a softy.

My Rome

This one is on the elevator door off the rear tracks of Termini. I’m not sure if they mean that the Pisa team is “the shittiest,” or if it refers to the actual city – the trains for which leave from just a few meters away.

My Rome


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