Your Daily Dose of Amusement, in Photographs

The Famous Shit Wine!


New Square

Castelli Romani

Do you know any adults who could use this sticker on their car?
Bimbo a Bordo

This emotional letter regarding dog poop starts with the hilarious admonishment, SHAME YOURSELF! And it’s signed by “civil dog owners.”
Shame Yourself!

And speaking of poop:


4 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Amusement, in Photographs

  1. When I was a little kid, my best friend and his family went to Europe, and when the came back, the only thing they could talk about was “In France, they drink SHIT!”

    I could direct you to a couple of places around here that serve Vin de Merde, but you probably already know them.

  2. I had to reread that first photo a couple of times. My french is definitely “fracais de merde” but I kept saying to myself “Does that really say The Famous Shit Wine?”


  3. Vin de Merde is an actual name of a wine! Restaurant owner Jean-Marc Speziale, who owns a small restaurant in Aniane near Montpellier was so pissed off with the bad press wines from the Languedoc-Rousillon region were getting that he decided to hit back. He now labels some of his wines Vin de Merde.

    I tried his his red – it’s not bad. It won’t win any medals yet, but Jean-Marc has a point. The Languedoc-Roussillon does make some awful plong. But it also makes some fantastic wines too.

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