Pictures: Old Signage I Love

I’ve just organized all my photos on Flickr, placing them into thematic groups. You can find out more about that Herculean feat here. I must warn you, though – it’s a huge time suck.  If you’ve got somewhere to be in the next several hours, I instead invite you to look at some pictures I’ve taken of the words one comes across while traveling – whether on signs, or painted directly onto walls. Confession: Signage like this is one of the reasons why I love Europe so much.

This sign is usually covered by wet-glue posters for politicians, bands, beauty products and the like. But recently, it’d been stripped to reveal its original purpose. Note the “SPQR” at the top – that’s the acronym for the motto of Rome, and can be seen on all items of public works from signs like this to manhole covers.

Via Casilina

Here are some other advertisements I’ve come across. I love every single thing about them – the font, the care and pride with which they’ve been created, their inherent whimsy.

Montpellier, France

Portico Flowers


Montpellier, France


And I believe it is no coincidence that I love these restaurants:


Da Paolo

Then there are signs I just plain love for their crumbling antiquity:

War Memorial

Sorbonne Deliveries

Pharmacy for Sale



And one from America’s Asbury Park!

Asbury Park


3 thoughts on “Pictures: Old Signage I Love

  1. You know, if those signs were here they would have been thrown away long ago. True story: a wrought-iron art deco entrance to the Paris Metro somehow wound up in a building supply yard here and was sold for scrap. That made me weep.

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