Pictures from Trapani, Sicily

I’m going to give you the entire low-down on my recent foray into Sicily – which included Trapani, and the Egadi Islands of Favignana and Levanzo. But first, a few photos of Trapani to get you in the mood.





To the Bath


Sunset Ladies


16 thoughts on “Pictures from Trapani, Sicily

  1. We were in Trapani May 26 to June 3 so some of your photos looked familiar….especially the Poseidon Trattoria. We especially liked Stefy pizza, next door.

  2. I’ll be there in 5 days…any additional advice or tips? Your site is sweet. Love your work and the format. Thanks so much for sharing it! I had no idea where I was going from the other sites available.

  3. hi there i have been told that sicily is quite expensive,is this true or does it depend on where you go? im thinking of going to trapani. many thanks, linda

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