My Weekend: Prosecco, Snails and Card Games

This weekend, the house at Mandrione was positively sparkling with various and sundry members of the Gay Mafia in from the far-flung corners of Europe… and snails.


Mr. Apricot arrived bearing pizza, kisses and trashy pop music on his iPod:

LunchTop row with sausage. Second row with cherry tomatoes. Third row with mushrooms and cream. Right side, tomato pie (hi dad!).

Giovanni arrived bearing Prosecco for one and all:

Monaca Bastarda Serves

And he also brought, in a small red box, the strangest little visitors; they played in the garden ledge on the terrace, next to where I was working:

LumacheSnail duplex!

LumacheThey’re totally hugging. How cute is that?

While the Gay Mafia played a heated game of Burraco inside:

Saturday BurracoMarco looking closely at his opponents’ cards before discarding
while Giovanni does his intimidation-by-smoking trick.

Saturday BurracoMarco showing his playing partner that he only has two cards left, and not to do something rash.

Saturday BurracoSandro apoplectic that Giovanni just discarded his last card, thus ending the game. But, Sandro has an iPhone, so it’s incomprehensible to me that he should be unhappy – ever.


3 thoughts on “My Weekend: Prosecco, Snails and Card Games

  1. I remember going to a snail farm in northern France (possibly the stinkiest experience of my life, but I digress) where I was told that snails have their sexual organs in their necks, which brings a new dimension to the hugging picture…? 🙂

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