Walk With Me to the Bar at the End of the World

Almost every day, I walk down the best street in the whole wide world to pick up some cigs and/or a tramezzino, which is a triangle-cut white bread sandwich half with no crusts filled with a slice of prosciutto and formaggio, or artichoke and hot dog, or salami and hard boiled egg, or mushroom and cicoria. They may sound weird, but they’re good. They’re the perfect little snack.

At any rate, this walk I take is always a joy. I will never, ever tire of it, not even as the traffic on this once-quiet street increases as more drivers find it takes them away from congested via Casilina. I love every inch of it, and I have finally remembered to take my camera with me so I can capture all the little details that endear it to me so. Will you join me after the jump, for a morning walk to the bar at the end of the world?

Mandrione Flowers
This is across from the house, the wall to an elevated mini-campo of lemon trees, rose bushes, olive trees and various other flora and fauna, including two dogs that protect it and bark incessantly at car alarms and loud motorini.

My Mandriones
The beginning of the road; Marco’s place is the one on the right with the savage vines in front.

Via del Mandrione
My dream house, back there past the aqueduct. It’s been on the market forever, and I want to ask them if I can just rent it forever. It’s the cutest place.

Via del Mandrione
Just past my future home, more walls that hold elevated gardens.

Via del Mandrione
Now we’re going over the railroad tracks. They seem to go on forever in both directions!

Mandrione Aqueduct
This is where the road opens up to untamed vegetation and a clear view of the aqueducts, since there are no homes built into them like at the beginning of the road.

Via del Mandrione
How excellent and ghetto is this? They’ve gutted a building and are refurbishing it. If my dream house falls through, this is my backup. Again, no real plan or information other than my fervent wishes.

Via del Mandrione
The one-man wine making operation next to the bar at the end of the world.

And finally, we reach the bar at the end of the world (thanks Jer for the pic!) It’s mostly visited by me, Marco, and about two dozen artisans and construction workers who work nearby. As you would guess, it’s run by an ancient couple who make all the food they serve, and who are unfailingly gracious and kind.

our cafe

Thanks for walking with me! Breakfast is on me – what are you having?


7 thoughts on “Walk With Me to the Bar at the End of the World

  1. Great trip up to that bar 🙂 – Which is actually a small caffe’
    Awesome story telling, I had fun.
    I’ll have tea, thanks. 😀

  2. Scrapple? (LOL!!) Loved the morning stroll with you and the you just can’t beat the scenery. Great photos. Thanks for sharing Bella!

  3. Miss Ex, I fall in love with you a little more every time I read stuff like this. The pics are wonderful, and I wish you had some from the inside of the Caffe. I’d go there every day too, if I lived there.

    My breakfast? Sugar Pops cereal, a bagel with peanut butter and OJ. I rock.

  4. I’ll have La Bomba Crema!!!!! Yum. Jeremy is dreaming about one as he makes his way to see you. You guys are going to have so much fun!

    Also, your pictures are excellent. I am always amazed at your photography. (And to think you only just got a camera a couple years ago.) I’m jealous!!!!!!!

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