Busting Out The Summer Pajamas

I took down the big suitcase from the closet and have started to sort out some summer clothes to bring with me to Rome, since it’ll be pretty hot by the time I leave there.

How great is it to go through your seasonal clothes? It’s like going shopping for free!

I had totally forgotten that I owned the most perfect lightweight cotton pajama set in the world. I bought it at Marks & Spencer in London in the Great Shopping Spree of 2004 during my girls’ weekend with MK; Heather, who lived there at the time; and her patient, beleaguered, English husband Matt, whom we terrorized the entire time with non-stop talking and demands for bacon sarnies.

I still have and wear all the underwear I bought, as well as the pajamas (which I promptly put on and celebrated with a summertime jig). Always, always buy your intimates from Marks & Spencer. They last forever.


2 thoughts on “Busting Out The Summer Pajamas

  1. Love “shopping” in my seasonal clothes! Like finding old friends…and I did try and pimp ya out to my 32 followers – sorry I don’t have a big following wink. Good luck! sounds like a great project I hope you get to do it.

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