The Book And The Gravy

Ever since my dad retired, my parents have spent their winters in Florida. They use my aunt and uncle’s beautiful home near Tampa as their base, and spend their time relaxing or jetting around the Gulf Coast to see friends. It’s changed their life.

Another one of my aunts lives in West Palm Beach, and every year they all get together. This year, my grandparents joined in the fun as well, and they all stayed at a condo my parents rented in St. Petersburg. So it’s Peg and Cork (mom and dad), Arnie and Vi (my grandparents), Marie, Mike and Trin (my aunt, uncle and cousin), and Maryellen and Sophia (my aunt, who sent me this story, and cousin).

Now, being a big Italian family, one of the essential elements of a get together like this is Sunday gravy – a big pot of sauce and meatballs and meat my mom makes, and enough spaghetti to feed an army.

My aunt sent me the story of this year’s gravy. Enjoy.

Scene 1 – Peg and Cork say goodbye to Marie & Mike in Tampa and head to St. Pete.

Scene 2 – Peg calls Marie from St. Pete and says to come over and visit when Arnie & Vi are here, and bring your big tall gravy pot, my mail and Christine’s book. (That’s me, Christine; this is my book.)

Scene 3 – Marie, Mike and Trin arrive in St. Pete, say hi, kiss kiss and hand over the big tall gravy pot, book and mail.

Scene 4 – Peg begins to prepare big spaghetti dinner, water boiling on stove in one pot and big tall gravy pot is also on stove, waiting for Peg to pour in the gravy to heat up.

Scene 5 – Peg picks up Tupperware full of pre-made and thawed gravy, reaches way up to pour it into the big tall gravy pot and begins heating it up.

Scene 6 – Peg checks on gravy, stirs the meat up – hmm, why can’t I stir this? This is weird. Calls Cork to help.

Scene 7 – Cork takes the big wooden spoon and tries to stir up the gravy to be sure it’s not sticking to the bottom – what the hell’s going on here?

Scene 8 – Cork tilts the big tall gravy pot toward him to see down into the pot – what the hell?

Scene 9 – Cork and crowd now around the big tall gravy pot; discover that they’ve been cooking MISS EXPATRIA and the mail.

Scene 10 – Can’t toss the gravy – can’t eat the book.

Scene 11 – Arnie says a silent prayer that there’s no toxic glue in the book while Cork & Peg remove all non-edible contents of the big tall pot.

Scene 12 – A great Italian meal was enjoyed by all!


11 thoughts on “The Book And The Gravy

  1. Christine,

    That story is a classic! Your mother’s meatballs and gravy are the BEST! I consider myself a student of her meatballs and gravy! Your dad always has good gravy advise too!


  2. Great little story. I can really relate coming from the same backround, New York, Italian and Gravy. Or is it SAUCE? I live in NY and my friend is an expat living in Italy and she told me of your blog. She actually is Baptist and comes from Loiusville Kentucky and has no idea what gravy is. Eventhough she has dual citizenship now and lives in Italy I always tell her I’m more Italian because I’m from New York and grew up stirring the pot of GRAVY every Sunday till 2:00 and still do………

  3. I cannot stop laughing!!! I guess it is for real!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone in May. Hey, Miss Ex, are you coming? Love, ya, Aunt Dot

    P.S. I hope I am doing this correctly!

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