Cal Had Fun In Toulouse!

Cal is a huge Watchmen fan – from way back. So, you can see how the last month of my life has been nothing but all Watchmen, all the time: Trailers, sneak peeks and, being the awesome girlfriend I am, a full reading of a scanned copy of all 12 issues.

So, when it came time for the opening of the movie, he was very excited to see it. But, it was not playing at the “VOST” (Version original, sub-titled) theater here in Montpellier. Thus, the Great Movie Search 2009 began.

The first problem was the fact that movie theater schedules go from Wednesday to Tuesday – and only those days. Check the Internets, call the theater, stage a sit-in – you’re not going to get any information for the next week. So, Cal had to wait a bit until we could see when theaters were actually showing a film that came out on Wednesday.

Once that happened, we had some choices – Paris and Toulouse were the best. Cal decided on Toulouse, since he had never been there. So he booked his ticket, looked up the theater’s location on Google maps, and set on his way last Tuesday.

I met him at the Vert Anglais, his favorite watering hole, when he came back later that night,  and had braced myself for an all-Watchmen review. So, imagine my surprise when he came bearing tales predominately of his fabulous meal and the unique architecture of the city!

One of Cal’s great secret powers is the ability to sniff out a great restaurant. (No, this is not the only reason I am with him. But as a foodie, it’s in the top five.) And sure enough, he came through in Toulouse: At the Restaurant la Bohème, which, as Cal said, “Had eight tables, all old school French people, and their cassoulet selection was categorized by the families supplying the white beans for the dish.”



I’m so there. He also talked about the famous red brick buildings dominating the city – which we later found out the reason being that it’s where BRICK WAS INVENTED.


After he had fully sated my foodie/new city twin addiction, he went on to critique the movie. Uh… it was good. I was still thinking about the cassoulet, so I must confess I wasn’t completely tuned in. Ha!


2 thoughts on “Cal Had Fun In Toulouse!

  1. I read his account of the Big Trek and it was really great. And even for a non-foodie, I love me some cassoulet. Anita Margarita makes a good one.

  2. To be fair, it was the other restaurants that had different types of cassoulet beans. That restaurant only had one type of cassoulet.

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