President Obama on Air Force One

I’m sure everyone in America has had their fill of stories about our shiny new president; but for those of us who are not on a 24-hour news cycle, news comes in fits and starts depending on how much time we have for taking a stroll through the Internets at the end of a day spent on the computer.

So, I’m also sure that you’ve all seen this clip already. I’m sharing it anyway, because it makes me giggle – from a president who looks like no other before him telling the pilot he’s “straight out of Central Casting,” to his assurance that he’ll “still take the fries” even though he wants a salad with his burger.


2 thoughts on “President Obama on Air Force One

  1. Thanks Christine. I am actually sittting in a hotel lobby with Fast wireless so I could see this. The best thing about Obama is that I think he really is a nice guy.

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