Two Contests!

I love a good contest.  And today, I have two for you! (And after the jump, a list of the 100 words and phrases you must know in Italian!)

The first one is finished tomorrow, so hurry up!  If you’re good with languages, try your luck at Transparent Language. Come up with a list of 25 to 100 basic words and phrases you think people should learn in the foreign language of your choice – and win one of their Complete Learning Suites for a language you don’t yet know! 

The second one is from the Travel Channel, where they’re giving away a trip a month! Sign up to enter, and then return each day to answer a trivia question to increase your chances.

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!

Hello Buongiorno
Good evening Buona sera
Good night Buona notte
Do you have Lei ha
I would like Vorrei
May I Posso
Where is Dov’e’
How much Quanto costa
Where is a good place to eat Dov’e si mangia bene
Near Vicino
Far Lontano
Yes Si
No No, non
Right Destra
Left Sinistra
Up Su
Down Giu
Under Sotto
Over Sopra
I’m full Sono piena come un’uovo
Can I have Posso avere
First course Primo
Second Course Secondo
Dessert Dolce
Soup Zuppa
Salad Insalata
Entrance Entrata
Exit Uscita
Help Aiuto
Can you help me Mi puo aiutare
I don’t care (mild) Non m’importa
I don’t care (strong) Non me ne frigga
Stop (stop sign) Stop
Stop it Smettila
Don’t touch me Non mi toccare
Please Per favore
Thank you Grazie
Thank you so much Grazie mille
What’s happening here Che succede
What happened Che successo
Please (asking someone to do something) Per cortesia
Excuse me (interrupt) Mi scusa
Excuse me (passing by) Permesso
I’m getting off (bus stop) Scendo qua
Strike (labor) Sciopero
Police Polizia
Protest Manifestazione
Street (the street) Strada
Highway Autostrada
Car Automacchina, macchina
Bus Autobus
Subway (UK) Sottopassaggio
Subway (US) Metro, metropolitana
Public transport (Rome) Mezzi
Don’t do that Non farlo
Drinking water Acqua potabile
Morning Mattina
Afternoon Pomeriggio
Evening Sera
Night Notte
Last night Ieri notte, sta notte
Tonight Sta sera
Today Oggi
Tomorrow Domani
Day after tomorrow Dopodomani
Yesterday Ieri
Day Giorno
Week Settimana
Month Mese
Fortnight Quindici giorni
Second (time) Secondo
Minute Minuto
Hour Ora
What time is it Che ore sono
When is A che ora e’
When Quando
Why Perche
How Come
Who Chi
Where Dove
What Che
Which Quale
Because Perche
Breakfast Colazione
Lunch Pranzo
Dinner Cena
Food Cibo
Roof Tetto
Tit Tetta
Goat’s cheese Pecorino
Sex doggie style Pecorina
Firefighter Pompiere
Blowjob Pompino
Peach Pesca
Fish Pesce
Juice Succa
Suck Succhia
Fart Scorreggia
He/she corrects Corregge
Fun Divertente


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