Cross Promotion: Unfortunate Hotels

Hello one and all. I’m writing today to tell you that I’ve been cheating on your with my “other” blog. Because, you know, I don’t have enough to do and I don’t spend nearly enough time online, so I decided to just start up another blog.

This one is called Unfortunate Hotels, and it was inspired by my fruitless search for an adorable little place to stay in Liguria last December.  It’s not about the hotels, per se – after all, I’ve never been to any of them – but about the websites built to allegedly entice the traveler to stay there.

I just don’t get it – they could start up a WordPress blog, for example, and have cute little photos and make it look professional without having a lot of extraneous things and stock photos and garish colors.  In the land of IKEA and Photoshop, there is absolutely no reason for such egregiously ugly photos of places that are supposed to radiate warmth and welcoming vibes.

Have you come across a hotel website that blinded you, depressed you, or otherwise caused you unnecessary travel planning harm? Send your link to cantera at gmail and then check back at Unfortunate Hotels to see if your choice has made the cut!


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