HALP! J. Peterman Photo Contest

If I remember correctly, the J. Peterman catalog was a running gag on Seinfeld. But I subscribed to that catalog back in the day, and reading it was my very own appointment television, as it were. I was enthralled by the product descriptions, which read like tiny Hemingway vignettes; I coveted a pair of wide leg pants they ran for a while. I thought it no longer existed, but recently I found their (his?) online catalog.  Swoon! I revisited all my old favorites, and saw some new things to covet as well.

Then yesterday, my West Coast Gay Mafia leader (holla!) alerted me to a photo contest at something called Peterman’s Eye. I dutifully signed up and read through the site, only to find – *clasps pearls in joy* – that it is run by the folks at J. Peterman!  LOVE.  The travel section is DIVINE, just like the catalog BUT FOR TRAVEL.

Which is where the photo contest comes in! I want to win it, which means I need to shine – not only in my photo choice, but in my words as well – all 25 of them that I am allowed to write as a caption to my photo. Yikes.  A full 50 percent of the score goes to photo originality (with the other 50 divided equally between the written expression and the relevance to theme of sharing travel experiences) and you can only enter one photo, which I why I am deciding between the following two photos:

Paris to Montpel
With 25-word caption: Traveling through France by train. It’s as though the land has been waiting since the dawn of time for that one moment you pass by.

Favorite Procida
With 25 word-caption: Is there anything in the world better than a room with a view?

Can you help me decide??


12 thoughts on “HALP! J. Peterman Photo Contest

  1. photo #2 for sure (and the caption rocks) Here’s a caption for photo #1 just in case:

    Colleagues, I have finally arrived to the place I’ve visited so often in my mind.

    love you!

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