Anthony Bourdain in Venice

Oh my God you guys, I just watched the “Venice” episode of Anthony Bourdain’s NO RESERVATIONS, and I’m in love.

With risotto.

Other comments about this magical episode that will be watched a kabillion times until I go to Venice this may with the Macks, foodie soulmates (and two of my closest friends. It was with this couple that I experienced a 15-hour food and drink odyssey in Rome in September of 2004 still unrivaled in the annals of foodie history):

1. I’m fairly certain that a large part of my annoyance with the lady he is with in this episode stems from the fact that IT WASN’T ME. But her Italian sucked, and she’s apparently lived there for decades.

2. The camera work was nothing short of exquisite.

3. I had a whole new respect for the boat guy after seeing his ENORMOUS, GORGEOUS VILLA. Holy crap! Who knew shepherding boats paid so well?

4. This would be my all-time perfect day (and includes the RIDICULOUS VILLA mentioned previously):

3 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain in Venice

  1. I watched it last week and I must say, the guy making the risotto on TV was awesome. I was *so* impressed with his skills. Did you see the geyser-like streams of risotto he shot up into the air when he was cooking it!?? THAT was incredible!

  2. I so miss the Travel Channel. Is this the only way to watch it, on youtube? It has taken almost an hour of loading time for me to see these 2 short cuts. I agree about the woman’s Italian. Even I sound better than that.

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