Fabulous Cousin and I decided to take advantage of the lack of rain, sleet, snow and fog and headed out to Versailles.

We bought sandwiches at a marvelous bakery on rue Saint-Honoré and ate them on the train – it’s a short, cheap ride on the RER C from the Musée d’Orsay, and as you’re told often, an 8-minute walk from there to the palace grounds.

The lines were horrendous, so we opted instead to head to the “backyard.”





Fab Cuz commented that it must be beautiful in the spring, which made us realize that he’s only seen Europe in the dead of winter. We hatched a plan for April in Paris; details to come!

On the way back we stopped into this charming store, where I bought an old Livre des Vancances. Delightful!

Awesome Shop

Awesome Shop


9 thoughts on “Versailles

  1. You not only write well. Your pics are stunning. Las year I made a mistake and bought a 5 mega pix Nikon. Pictures are ALWAYS blurred, no matter my efforts 😦

    Ah la France, la France, although you’ll never get back to Rome if you continue like that.

  2. I just read arnold’s name in your blog. I had no idea that I could write you. Love getting your email. I wish I could have been with you and Fab Cou! I hope I was in your pocket!!! MISS YOU! Love ya, A. D.

  3. These pictures are totally fabulous (especially #3) . I also strangely think I know which bakery you are talking about on rue Saint-Honore and I believe it is the same one that inspired Portland’s best (i.e. most authentic) French bakery, which is called (surprise surprise) Saint-Honore.

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