Sacré Coeur

While in Paris, Fabulous Cousin and I decided to take the trek up to Sacré Coeur one day. We had a great time, despite the wet snow and generally hazardous conditions that made it nearly impossible to traipse around a steep mountain. (We are from New Jersey. Anything on an incline is a mountain.)

A word of warning here: DO NOT get off the Metro at Anvers to see Sacré Coeur. The exit features a 10-story climb up circular steps. It is not for the faint of heart or the claustrophobic. After we reached the outside world again, I stood off to the side to catch my breath and watched people practically crawling their way up the last few steps to daylight. If I were a mugger, I would stand right at that exit.  There is no way anyone would, or could, run after you.

While the funicular is a great help in ascending further to the church, there are still many, many steps you must climb to get to the promised land. Prepare yourself.

Hilariously, we only took photos of the view from the church and not of the church itself. However, I am pleased with the results:




We visited the charming neighborhood behind the church, then descended, walked through the fabric district and ate at a brasserie that would be a diner in America. GREAT omelet, with fresh mushrooms. Yum.


16 thoughts on “Sacré Coeur

  1. those photos are gorgeous…i love the sepia tone to them. we missed a lot of Paris, including Sacre Couer – so we’re planning to “re-do” Paris in a few years. The fabric district and Sacre Couer will be on our list!!

  2. I have done exactly what you said not to. Fortunately, the memory of that is tucked away in the section of the brain where trauma is stored, so it doesn’t come to the forefront often. But Sacre-Couer is WORTH THE WALK.

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  4. Love that whole area- and the view is spectacular-when not shrouded in fog. My first time there- a guy sat on a step playing Pacabel’s Canon on a cello. Balled my frigin eyes out!

  5. @Anita Thank GOD someone knows what I am talking about. Seriously, how freaking ridiculous was that exit?

    @Marito Uappi!!

    @Melange I hope you mean bawled! LOL It sounds beautiful, though.

  6. Sacre Couer – yes thats where Eugene and I overdosed on Evian water after hiking up … we’re also from New Jersey. Love you both, and happy Fab Cousin was along

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