December Travel Plans

I know you’ve all been anxious to know of my upcoming travel plans, and now you must wait no more. They’ve drastically changed, so get out your score cards if you’re playing along at home.

After much research and a lengthy consultation at the SNCF railway reservations counter, I discovered it is much cheaper, and will take less time, if I take five – yes, five – daytime trains to get to Portofino as opposed to the overnight train. So, my itinerary is as follows:

Tuesday: Montpellier-Marseille-Nice-Ventimiglia-Genova-Santa Margherita Ligure. Leave at 5.44AM (I can’t believe there IS a 5.44 in the AM); arrive 6.20PM.

Check into the fabulous Grand Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita Ligure, FINALLY. Walk around and find adorable place for dinner. Spend rest of the night on my hotel balcony, loving my life.

Wednesday: Lounge around hotel room, probable room service breakfast. Check out at the last possible moment; pay the equivalent of $19.28 for an evening at a five-star hotel on the Italian Riviera. Giggle. Leave luggage, have an adventure or two. Come back, pick up luggage, GO TO ROME.

Cal will not be joining me, unfortunately. It just wound up being a huge hassle with him needing to come back here; it’s an easier trip for me, as I’ll continue on to Rome.

I have the keys to Marco’s house, so I’ll just show up and let myself in. Hilarity, card games and delicious food will ensue.



10 thoughts on “December Travel Plans

  1. Oh, it sounds like a wonderful train trip. i hope you can see a lot from the train. I’ve never gone by train and I simply must try that some time!

    Grand Hotel Miramare sounds so luxury, especially comparing to the last trip we made, which was a budget trip with hostels mostly. OK, it was a budget experiment too, but never the less.

  2. @Tina – when you come back to Italy, we can do it together!

    @Lifecruiser – I’ve usually taken this trip at night, so it will be fun to be able to see it during the day. It goes along the Mediterranean coast for much of the ride, so I will be thrilled to be able to see the sea!

  3. have so much fun enjoying your free-ish night at the fabulous hotel miramare, and with your wonderful reunification with your soul-home of rome and your italian gay mafia.

    we’ll be cashing ours in a couple of weeks in venice!

    i want lots of stories, and pictures of rome in the winter!

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