Leading Hotels of the World 1928 Promotion: WIN!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, THEY DID IT!  The Leading Hotels of the World “1928” 80th anniversary promotion has finally gone off without a hitch.

The site opened at exactly the moment they said.  The form was easy to fill out and clearly written.  I completed it and got my confirmation number in LESS THAN TWO MINUTES.

The one thing that was pretty tricky, was the list of hotels were in strict alphabetical order (e.g., hotels beginning with “The” were all under “T”), so it took a moment to realize that and adjust accordingly.  Luckily, I had written down the exact names of the hotels, so it was cool.

For the record, my choices were:

Grand Hotel Miramare, Portofino, Italy

Bauer Il Palazzo, Venice, Italy

Villa D’Este, Cernobbio, Italy

(I’d link to LHW’s site, but it redirects to the form.)

I almost clicked on “any date,” but I decided to stick with my original plan and choose two dates during the first week of December.

I thought I was lightening quick, but on Twitter there are people who were at least as quick as I was!

Check back soon to see if I won a room at any of my choices (we find out within seven days).  But in the meantime, Congratulations, Ted Teng!  You finally did it!  All is forgiven; see you in Italy in December.  Drinks are on me.


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