Flickr Update and Picture Post

Truth be told, Friday is my favorite day of the week.  You’ve got the whole weekend ahead of you – who knows where you might wind up by Sunday brunch?  I love long, decadent Friday lunches during which you realize no more work will get done that day.

The fact that it’s Friday has absolutely no bearing on the rest of this post; I just thought I’d let you know how awesome Friday is, and that you should take full advantage of it.

The real point of my post is to let you know I’ve updated my Flickr page with a ton of pictures I’ve taken over the years of being an expat.  I have them divided into sets, which I’ve then placed in collections by country.  Take a look!  Come on, it’s Friday, it’s not like you’re doing any work done today.


3 thoughts on “Flickr Update and Picture Post

  1. Friday is great!! Especially when its my last day of work before my much needed vacation to Montreal and Old Quebec City!!!

    I’ll have a looksie at your album when I return. Sure I will love it!!

  2. I never noticed the England pictures before. LOVE them!

    You’re right about Fridays. Today is my day off and I should be getting chores done and mowing the lawn, but so far not much has happened. I’m fine with that.

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