Election Night Festivities

I’m a politics junkie. In fact, I nearly gave myself an aneurysm this morning after some absent-minded electoral map playing escalated into a sudden, alarming obsession with the great state of Colorado. So, the 2008 Presidential Election provides a perfect opportunity for me to hole up in a WiFi-equipped hotel room with 24-hour room service and wonk out on early exit polls while having breathless IM conversations with my mom and friends back in the States.

My problem, though, is a delicious one: Where will the Miss Expatria Election Headquarters be located this year?

Cal wants to go to the gala being thrown by the Bureau des Élections Américaines in Paris. It’s at the Trocadero, and expats of both parties will be entertained, fed and liquored up starting at 10.30PM, followed up with breakfast at 4.00AM. Given the contentious events of the previous two presidential elections, I think they’re being awfully optimistic thinking that we’ll know by 6.00AM who’s the new leader of the free world.

Me? I don’t see myself there. I’m going to want to follow my favorite political blogs, scream about obscure Congressional race outcomes that only I and possibly the winner and/or loser care about, and… well… I really want to be in my pajamas.

However, being in Paris means Breakfast in America – I’ve been dreaming of their pancakes since I neglected to order them in February, opting instead for eggs so I could have a bagel.

I’m pushing for Barcelona.  I found an unbelievable offer at the Soho Hotel.  It’s promoted as a romantic thing; and while Cal and I are terribly in love, it will be all election returns all the time until the second we check out.  Then it’s off to my favorite bagel place.  And, Cal can have his Pulled Pig sandwich at the Hard Rock, which makes him very happy.

Or, we have our two Grand Hotel options – the one in Sete, and the one right here in Montpel.  And, there’s always my personal favorite, the Hotel West End in Nice.

Which will it be?  Stay tuned and see!  And, don’t forget to vote on November 4!


4 thoughts on “Election Night Festivities

  1. Just to let you know, I’ll be in Barcelona on the 3rd and 4th before I head back to Italy the afternoon of the 5th. I do not know where I be staying but I’ll give you an update later in the month.

    Ciao, Ben

  2. I’m green with envy- that Breakfast in America place looks amazing. The prices are reasonable too, a shitty brunch in Rome will usually set you back at least 20 euro. DANG, I’m ready to move to Paris now!!

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