Blogging About Blogging About Women Who Travel

Perhaps surprisingly, I never think much about being a woman when I travel. I’m never self-conscious about it, I’ve never expected anything special because of it, and although I’m very aware and street-smart, I’ve rarely felt in danger. Then again, I mainly stick to Western Europe; it ain’t Baghdad.

So I was surprised at the number of travel sites and blogs dedicated to women who love to travel. Then, being me, I was surprised at being surprised: why wouldn’t there be a demand for this “niche” in travel-related websites? I looked more into it, and by golly, there’s a whole world out there – and women have been there, done that, and found the best place for a cocktail within 24 hours of arrival. Rock on, sisters.

So, in continuing with my link-happy “Blogging About” series, ladies, behold! Some fine upstanding women-friendly travel sites and blogs for you to peruse and get your travel on.

The Lost Girls are “three twenty-something New Yorkers who ditched their media jobs to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration.” They’re long since returned from that trip, but have kept the flame alive with a great blog dedicated to the intrepid female traveler.  Their blogroll list alone could make you drool with passport envy.

I am torn between hating Travel Betty with every fiber of my being, and desperately wanting her life. She’s been to 23 countries on four continents, and apparently has never met a spa she didn’t like.  (OK, she’s disliked some; but who has visited enough spas around the world to even HAVE a list of unlikable spas?) She’s fabulous.  Love her ten times.  I mean, I hate her.  No, just kidding, she’s awesome and funny.

Two JetSet Divas…And A Map. Need I say more?  It was love at first site (misspelling intended).  And what’s not to love: “This blog was created with these Divas in mind. Women who are ready to take on the globe, one trip at a time. Count on us to bring a fun and fresh twist on international travel commentary and information. We’re Two JetSet Divas who are ready to explore the world, and we invite you to come along for the ride…we’ve got the map.” YES PLEASE.

Galavanting is a women’s travel magazine, pure and simple.  I’ll admit I was scared at first glance – it looks a little perfectly multi-culti, a little cutesy – but after reading their articles and especially their blog (A View From A Broad, love it), I was hooked. I love that it’s a pretty mainstream magazine, but never gets preachy (“I’m Curing AIDS In Africa, What Are YOU Doing, Dilettante?”) or paranoid (“Top 100 Cities Never To Go To Lest A Man Grab Your Ass, Winsome Flower”).  It’s just perfect.

Note: Miss Expatria will be writing an article about her and MK’s Girls’ Weekends for an upcoming issue, in main part because of the passionate love letter she wrote to its editors.

Again, as with the rest of this series, there are many other amazing sites that I visit often, and I’m sorry for not mentiong them all!  But part of the fun of travel is doing so virtually and discovering your own little corner of the worldwide web!


6 thoughts on “Blogging About Blogging About Women Who Travel

  1. And about time, I say. When I first started traveling, the books I found were geared toward either women who wanted to travel wearing their Dior and Manolos, or women who brought their sleeping bags with them. There was no middle ground.

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