The Internet Blows My Mind

Hi. I’ve been a busy little bee, technologically speaking, and I’d like to bring you up to date on what I’ve been doing online recently.

Mom, I’m telling you right now, this will confuse you. Please email Miss Patel with any questions.

Miss Expatria Blog Updates

  • Sidebar links to some other places online where you can find me.
  • Subscription feed, so you can receive my posts in your email inbox. Lazies.
  • Added new blogs to my blogroll, and I’ve reorganized the categories.

Travel Sites of Interest

I’ve found these sites recently, thanks to the charming and talented Mr. Shay. He alerted me to PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web sites of 2008 and I’ve been happily clicking away ever since.

EveryScape – Lets you explore both the street view and the interiors of buildings and find hotels, restaurants and popular tourist sites with reviews from

Farecast – A travel search site that tracks price trends to help you buy with confidence. Allows you to easily compare, filter and sort flight results from hundreds of airline, hotel and agency websites to find the exact trip.

Happy Median – Offers meeting places in the middle of up to four addresses. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, movie theater, golf course or lodging.

InsideTrip – Provides a true insider’s view on how to buy travel by offering not only the best prices, but also the ability to search by TripQuality score and comfort level.

TripIt – Builds a master itinerary using your travel confirmation e-mails. Complete with flight/hotel info, maps, driving directions, weather reports and much more.

Other Sites of Interest

From the same PC Magazine list.

SoSauce – Hiked through the Andes? Ridden a tuk-tuk in Bangkok? Unable to adequately express your life changing travel experiences with people at home? Not to fear – Sosauce Travel is here!

SearchMe – Essentially uses Apple’s Cover Flow interface to present your search results. To search, enter a term and then scroll horizontally through full previews of each relevant Web page until you find what you’re looking for.

Scrapblog – Lets you grab your photos from Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Picasa, and many more photo (and video!) sites as well as your computer, and use them to construct cool multimedia scrapbooks. It’s easy, free and you don’t have to sign up.

(Descriptions taken more or less verbatim from Mr. Shay, individual sites and/or PC Magazine.)


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