Happy Moon Landing Day, Mom!

The other day I was speaking to my mother, whom I have not seen since the 2006 mid-term elections. “I miss your face!” she said. In honor of Moon Landing Day (also her birthday; well, not her exact birthday, I mean, she was old enough to see it on TV… ssshhh, we don’t talk about that), pictures of some me during of my happiest times on this side of the pond, after the jump.

Talking on a cell phone in paradise, also known as Maratea.

Sassy at Circo Massimo, Rome. It was about 155 degrees that day, even at sunset.

Photographic evidence of the exact moment I became addicted to Venice.

A ridiculous, unflattering picture of me during a fantastic tea at Claridge’s in London.

Another ridiculous picture of me after waking up at dawn to go to Porta Portese.

I took this of myself while in the car. It was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Today is not a good hair day, so this picture taken recently will have to do!

4 thoughts on “Happy Moon Landing Day, Mom!

  1. Thank you for the pix, my darling daughter. Since I do not acknowledge my birthday anymore, and haven’t for the past 5 years, you wishing me Happy Moon Landing Day is perfect. Thank you. Stay sweet, and I do miss your face, love , mom

  2. I spent Moon Landing Day at home with your grandmom Marnie and grandpop in Woodbury, with a bunch of people in the living room, all crowded around the TV, with not enough chairs for everybody, so we dragged in the lawn chairs, even the chaise lounge, on that hot summer day, as we all watched the big event.
    That event, on the positive side, and the towers falling on 9/11, on the negative side, were the two most completely astonishing things I ever saw happen on TV.
    Sure, Peg gets Moon Landing Day. My birthday? I get to celebrate sharing birthdays with Groucho Marx and Gandhi, which pretty much captures the horoscopic range of people born on that date (Oct. 2).
    LOVED the pictures, thanks!

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