Miss Exaptria’s Comprehensive Guide to Paris

Hello chickadees. Two things have happened recently that have inspired this post:

  1. I have many subscribers who are new to the site;
  2. Dearest reader and style icon Ms. Pea is headed to Paris.

So, without further ado, here are my recommendations for living it up in the City of Lights, Miss Expatria style.

First up – where to stay in Paris. A while ago I explained how to choose a hotel online, using Paris as the example. Sorted! However, I notice that I neglected to mention my three favorite Paris hotel choices:

  1. For a bit of a splurge, nothing beats the Hotel Britannique in the 1st arrondissement. It’s directly in the middle of everything, but on a quiet street. It’s adorable and surprisingly luxurious. And their website is divine. Double rooms start at 185€.
  2. Hotel Abbatial is a great choice. It’s in the 5th arr., on boulevard Saint-Germain; near the Metro, the Seine, and the funky bars, cafes and restaurants of the Left Bank. Double rooms start at 105€.
  3. For those on a budget, I’d recommend the Hotel Saint André des Arts. It’s in the 6th arrondissement off the St. Michel Metro stop, so you couldn’t be more in the thick of things. There’s not a right angle to be had in the place, with its creaky stairs and exposed beams, but it is immaculately clean and well-priced at 89€, which includes breakfast and wifi.

Next is food. I’ve written a thorough primer on French food, as well as where to find not-so-French food. Wear your eating pants.

Of course, there is much to see and do in Paris. This post covers the major points, as well as food. Imagine-Ça!

Once you’ve booked your trip and are rarin’ to go, I invite you to peruse these photo posts to whet your bon appétit:

Weekend in Paris: Executive Summary will give you a pretty accurate preview of what to expect during your visit to Paris.

Paris Pictures: Made for the Rain will make your heart ache from the awesome.

Later That Same Day gives you an idea of the French countryside, should you care to hop on the TGV and head south to see your old pal Miss Expatria.

Et Voilà!


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