Interesting Idea For A Vacation In France

Cal’s parents and their friends are here! They arrived yesterday, although they’ve been in France for a while. They’ve had an interesting vacation, and I’d like to share it with you.

They arrived in Paris and stayed at a marvelous hotel on my recommendation – the Hotel Britannique. This is a perfect visiting-parents hotel – in the 1st arrondissement, within walking distance of… well, pretty much everything. And, it’s adorable. And, I love their website.

They then flew to Toulouse, where they rented a boat and traveled down the Canal du Midi:

They went through 64 locks in a week, which is a lot of waiting in line, going up and then down, or down and then up, and then going along your merry way. They had a blast, and arrived exhausted and sunburned and ready to be back on land. They haven’t downloaded their pictures yet, but this picture I found on Flickr (Thanks, Antony!) pretty much sums it up:

Those Impressionist paintings don’t seem so fanciful now, do they?

The whole expat gang came ’round Vert Anglais to meet Cal’s parents and share some delicious charcuterie from Les Halles Castellane across the square, all wrapped in butcher’s paper. After dinner at the always-delightful La Cheneraie – smoked salmon with poached egg, fluffy daurade, a house white Merlot (yes, really) – Cal walked them back to the swank Mercure and bade them goodnight.

Today, I’m writing a guide to dating for a client; Cal is taking the gang to the beach at Palavas-les-Flots. They’re there now, at the Bain de Soleil, on cushioned lounge chairs, drinking fruit smoothies and getting ready to order pain bagnat for lunch.

I like their vacation – a little chic in Paris, a little nature on the Canal, a little beach relaxation time. It seems like a nice balance, and the possibility of seeing many different facets of French life. They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves!

And they’re very happy to finally be rid of the enormous jar of peanut butter they brought for me, and the laptop they bought for Cal. Prezzies!


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