Città di Fiori: Rome in Bloom

Rome is a surprisingly lush city.  While much of the city center is treeless, there are many areas that provide a positively bucolic escape from the dusty ruins of the Forum and the cool marble of apartment building staircases. 

The Appia Antica is a wonderful day’s walking along the old tree-lined road that leads to Rome.  Villa Borghese is my favorite park; not only is it an oasis accessible from practically anywhere north of Termini, but it also has a zoo and, should you get caught in the rain, the Galleria Borghese has a Caravaggio or two to drool over.  Villa Ada is the preference of many in the know, and hosts a kick-ass music festival every year.

There are many, many more green areas in Rome – and, for the lucky travelers who have access to out of town locations, the north of Rome into Viterbo is an absolute paradise of flora and fauna.  Of course, one should never discount the south, east and west!

But your girl here is a city girl – I stick to my cobblestone streets and my crappy 105 bus and every once in a while, my personal Rome yields some exciting glimpses of the Mediterranean fruit that makes me fall in love all over again.  So, for your pleasure, a little flora, Dora.


3 thoughts on “Città di Fiori: Rome in Bloom

  1. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

    When I was in Rome last year, we arrived just in time to see the azaleas on the Spanish Steps. When we passed back by two weeks later, they were mostly gone, due to the heavy rain I think.

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